Cecil the Lion

It’s World Cat Day today, apparently, and as such this seemed appropriate.

An education to all trophy-hunting/murdering scum: that is how you shoot a lion.

    • Jacob said:

      Thanks, Camilla. Lions are indeed beautiful – I’d rather like one as a pet! 😉


      • REALLY ??? I am scare of small dog. I love lions on the pictures only.


      • Jacob said:

        Ha, well, maybe not *really*… besides, I do already have a little lion of my own, a pet cat by the name of Oscar. He’s wild enough for now.

        Small dogs can be scary. They’re often more brutish than the big ones!


      • I know, my son has small Maltese dog – 1450 g she has bitten me many times…


      • Jacob said:

        Oh no! No wonder you’re wary. I’d probably stay well clear. My sister was bitten quite badly by a nasty little dog – I forget the breed – just walking down the street a few months ago… they do seem to have an awful lot of bite as well as bark. I’m not terribly fond of smaller dog breeds, so it doesn’t really affect me; I’d always prefer a nice big, hairy and cuddly thing! 😉


  1. Lee Hesketh said:

    Was so upset about Cecil Jay. I like the drawing, it has purity and panache


    • Jacob said:

      It’s a heinous practise, one that makes me feel physically sick. It’s just revolting.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lee Hesketh said:

        Absolutely, I think that’s what most people with heart think.


  2. Geke Hop-Wassink said:

    It’s just so beautiful, this drawing, almost better than a photo, I really like it. I wonder Jacob what is next, the crazy dentist who shot, just for money, this wonderful creature of nature? I hope you shoot him 😉


    • Jacob said:

      Ah, that’s lovely, thank you.

      I know the dentist has gone into hiding – the hunter has very much become the hunted! I hope the overwhelming reaction means that justice catches up with him, and all who think they can go out and murder for fun.


      • Geke Hop-Wassink said:

        You’re welcome Jacob 🙂

        Yes, I hope the give a long time in jail, for killing for fun it’s crazy. There are so much animals who almost can’t survive and than people shoot them for money…… It’s a crazy world!!!


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