Richard O’Brien

roB2 I fear my fatigue – as in, struggling-to-keep-eyes-open-will-lose-consciousness-any-moment fatigue – has slowly conspired to work against me with this drawing. I don’t know why I’m sounding exasperated at the idea of that being so. There are some things about this one I really don’t like – I think the always-risky inclusion of a background has killed it – but I’m so close to falling face first onto my keyboard that I just don’t care anymore. Besides, it’s good to share.

There is something about it I do like, very much in fact, and that is that it’s Richard O’Brien. The shot itself was taken during a 1992 recording of The Crystal Maze, widely accepted by science and law as the only perfect television show. I could go on for several pages about this programme, but 3:30am probably isn’t a good time for me to start, so I won’t tonight. It’s being revived as a live theatrical action experience, which is far too exciting.

Oh, and Richard also wrote The Rocky Horror Show. But who cares about that when he’s hosted The Crystal Maze?

Edit: OK, I’m certain the motivation to create this was more than a coincidence now, given that it landed on the twentieth anniversary of the last ever episode of The Crystal Maze. I always meant to do something on this date, but it slipped my mind… or so I thought. Something must have clicked in my head!

  1. Geke Hop-Wassink said:

    It’s a great drawing of a man that seems, to me Jacob, have a bit of a sinister look over him, but still a great drawing. I must admit that I don’t know Richard o’Brian, but that can be because I’m Duch or not awake enough to know who he is, but I don’t care at this hour, it’s still a great drawing with a lot of detail in it!


    • Jacob said:

      Thanks again. I’m still unsure about it today, but it’s reassuring that you say what you do about the drawing, Geke, because that chimes with how Richard portrayed himself on The Crystal Maze; he was outrageously eccentric, sardonic and theatrical, with touches of sinistrality and sweetness to his performance. It’s quite unique, certainly in the realm of a TV game show. It’s good that I’ve got that across!

      I shouldn’t imagine he’s that terrifically well-known outside of the UK or his native New Zealand for much apart from Rocky Horror, so it’s not surprising you don’t recognise him. He’s by all accounts a lovely man, though, and a great performer.

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      • Geke Hop-Wassink said:

        Thank you for your comment. I still don’t know the man or his show, but I’m happy I told you what I saw in the drawing, again great drawing but with a sinester look.
        Still a great drawing and I hope you feel more comfortable with it. 😉


    • Jacob said:

      Thanks again. It’s slowly growing on me, this one. Richard is another wicked subject!

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