Isy Suttie

isy1All of the drawings you have seen so far have been done with a helping hand from Photoshop. This one is no different, except I have been less resourceful. Normally, I only sketch either shadow or highlight, affording me the option of then using the program’s magical blending capabilities to create a colour overlay with some ease, giving me a full-colour alternate, or leaving it as just a black-and-white drawing. Here, however, I have painted the old-fashioned way, for digital art at least, with full swatches and mixing palletes and all that carry on. It’s not something I have done for some time, perhaps a couple of years, and that probably shows. This is a reminder not to let practice flag! Use it or lose it, and all that.

The unsuspecting victim of this experimentation is the wonderful Isy Suttie, comedienne and actress. She’s wonderful, but I’ve already said that once… her hair was tremendous fun to paint this way and seemed to come off much better.

Well, as the clock strikes 3, that’s another early night down the pan. And so to bed. At bloody last.


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