Sparkly Freddie

freddie-3bThis is for Camilla, and several others who have been very kind about my previous Freddie piece. I thank you all for that, in both words and hopefully with this follow-up drawing (and I’ve got a third tucked away, too… you’ll have to wait for that!). The leotard was quite a daunting challenge – that’s why I picked the image! – and might have required a tad more patience than I afforded it, but I think the finish turned out better than I was expecting.

I doubt many could pull this outfit off. Freddie could go out there and blitz it in whatever the hell he wanted, as he frequently demonstrated.

  1. Thank you so much. Jacob do you know to imagine, how big joy you did for me? Freddie is so beautiful. I will print image and Freddie will be in my room with other his images. Your drawing of Freddie brought me pleasure, what I need in my hard time. THANK YOU JACOB ❤

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    • Jacob said:

      It’s a total pleasure, Camilla – any excuse to draw him! – and lovely to hear that my artwork had a positive impact.

      I don’t know the full details of what’s going on, nor shall I pry, but I am wishing you all the best. I’ve had experiences with nasty, idiotic people in online assemblages before, and have wasted far, far too much of my life fretting about said losers. Never let them rule you as I did; be you, stay strong and do what you do best! Take care.

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  2. Geke Hop-Wassink said:

    WOW, this is like hitting the jackpot, what a beatiful and amazing drawing of Freddie, I can’t find words enough to express how amazing it is. Yes, Freddie could wear anything and it suited him well.
    Also I like that you did this for Camilla, my friend, and if she loves it, than you really did an amazing drawing and it makes me happy she loves the drawing. Thank you Jacob 🙂


    • Jacob said:

      Thanks Geke. I am quite pleased with how this turned out!

      No problem regarding Camilla – it’s really heartening to think that just a single drawing of mine has had a positive impact… that makes me happy. So we’re all happy! Yay!


      • Geke Hop-Wassink said:

        Yes, we sure are, and looking forward to more drawings of King Freddie, the best singer/songwriter there ever was ❤

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  3. Rebecca said:

    Don’t know why you were worried – the leotard is an absolute triumph! 🙂


    • Jacob said:

      Thanks, Rebecca – I’m pleased you think so. It just threw me a little as to how to achieve the sparkly/shimmery effect properly. Happily, copious amounts of dots seemed to do the trick. I enjoyed the challenge!

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  4. Lee Hesketh said:

    This is so amazing Jay! Freddie is screaming through the screen at me.


    • Jacob said:

      Thank you kindly, Lee. Freddie always has that effect, of course! 😉


      • Lee Hesketh said:

        Too true! btw, like the new photo.


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