David, again


When I uploaded my first drawing of the wonderfully striking actor, writer and model David Pevsner, I didn’t for a second imagine that it would become, in but a few hours, far and away the most popular post on this entire site, nor did I expect it to come under the eye of the Twittersphere…I certainly didn’t expect David himself (!!!) to get in touch and pay it a kind compliment, much less show it on his own site – talk about making a chap’s day! That was the biggest surprise. You’ve all been tremendously generous; thank you so much to David and of course everybody else who viewed, reviewed and approved it.

I did write in that post that I couldn’t see it being long before having to do another drawing of the model, for he is such a fabulous subject. Clearly, I know myself far too well, as it took only a couple of days before I was doing this one. It’s another fantastically mesmerising pose, and the vastly different lighting has allowed me to do a far better job on his facial features as well as creating a pleasing contrast all over the body, speckling through the chest hair and emphasising those impressive muscles. As such, I’m glad I went complete on it; I was initially toying with just leaving it as you see at the top of the post. ‘Twere just as fun if not more than the first drawing, even if it did mean I had to confront, to a greater extent than before, my arch nemesis: hands. (scream!) But, happily, I think even they came off OK.

Here he is in all his glory:


I’m really proud of this one, actually – I think it one of the strongest portraits I’ve ever created. With this momentum, and the fact that there are such a number of wonderful photographs of David, I’m still not certain this will be the last we see of him here. Watch this space.

You can follow David on his Twitter or at his own (explicit!) blog here. Go say hello, he’s such a nice guy.

  1. Geke Hop-Wassink said:

    Hi Jacob,
    I like this drawing better as the first one, not sinister but a nice appearance. You must have been quite surprised by David contacting you, wich must be the cherry in the cake, so to speak. I think that is the best comment of all. So just keep on drawing and maybe a beautiful drawing of Freddie on his birthday on September 55, that would be nice ☺
    Greetings Geke


    • Jacob said:

      Hi Geke, and thank you for the kind and motivating comments, as ever. As it happens, I already have a Freddie drawing lined up for 5th September… I just need to put some finishing touches to it! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Geke Hop-Wassink said:

        Thank you Jacob for your kind words, as always. Happy to hear you haven’t forgotten Freddie’s 69th birthday. I just wanted to remind you of the birth of a legend, and I’m looking already forward to your drawing. Thanks for letting me know 😊 (y)
        Greetings Geke


  2. Lee Hesketh said:

    You’ve done it this time…that’s so good, the face looks like a photo, better even.


    • Jacob said:

      Thanks Lee! This was painted a different brush, one I’d created in 2013, but have actually scarcely used since then (I have hundreds and counting, so some are bound to get passed over and forgotten about). It’s a pencil-inspired brush and thus lends itself to blending more simply than the others while being handy for fine details at the same time, giving the graduation and heightened realism that you see here. I’m pleased to have rediscovered it.


  3. Catherine Johnson said:

    Wow! They are both amazing! Well done.


    • Jacob said:

      Thanks so much, Catherine!


  4. Don’t know who the guy is, but it looks an accomplished portrait. The hands are excellent and I like the attention to the muscle tone. No wonder the subject liked it. He should buy it off you.


    • Jacob said:

      Ha, I shall have to start hitting him with prices!

      Thank you Graham – this means much coming from you.


    • Jacob said:

      Oh, David.

      Thank you. So much.


  5. Mr Kearns said:

    I could look at this/him all day…Perfect


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