The Vixen


I was a little apprehensive when there was talk of The Chase recruiting a fifth Chaser. I was wrong to be apprehensive. Jenny Ryan is fantastic and in her two appearances so far seems to be a marvellous addition to the programme.

In this drawing, I learnt that achieving a believable leopard print is much harder than anticipated. The hair, which initially filled me with dread (as it always does, especially when it’s long), went better than expected, though.

  1. Rebecca said:

    You did a great job here – the hair is perfect, the skin and lips are soft… Chapeau.


    • Jacob said:

      Ah, well I’m especially pleased to hear this as lips often give me no end of trouble – thanks very much!

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  2. This is wonderful!!! Hair is so hard, your´s here got perfect!!! What kind of medium did you use to create it?


    • Jacob said:

      Thanks so much, Ann.

      This was created on Photoshop (as are all of my drawings here, so far anyway) with some custom brushes I made; I usually use a graphic pen, but the hair here was actually rendered with the mouse.

      I had to be quite bold with some very long strokes and a fair bit of improvisation, but it was one of those happy moments where it just seemed to fall into place… I normally panic so much about hair, so this couldn’t have gone better!

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      • Aha! Wow, that kind of stuff is not easy on Photoshop! Great job!!!

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