Wheel of Time


How I laughed when I touted the idea of a spinning wheel to determine the time limit for my Reddit Gets Drawn practice runs. What a ridiculous suggestion.

Um, yeah, you didn’t realise that, behind the laughter, I was being deadly serious… or I just turned to this in a fit of boredom and burgeoning flu. You decide.

I have basically taken to Cinema 4D and refaced the wheel from our version of Wheel of Fortune, just to inject extra fun. Wasn’t that a wonderful show? Or not. But that satisfying ‘ping’ every time a contestant guessed a letter that was in the puzzle, and the adorably cheesy models flashing the prizes… ahh, the nostalgia. As you can see, there are some beastly spaces on that wheel, which I’m sincerely hoping it doesn’t land on anytime soon. I think if I pick any of the shortest ones I might have to ditch the Reddit element and work on self portraits – it’s okay to offend myself, I’d rather not do it to others!


The most exciting thing on this – besides the generous helping of glitter on the type – is that the little flipper you see actually reacts to handles of the wheel, with some magic from connector dynamics. It took a great deal of time to create, and it’s a small reward in stature, but a pleasurable one when it works.

In fact, I think this blasted wheel took longer to rejig than most of the values on it put together! Oh well. It’s learning. Learning is good. I had a wheel of a time.

Will I actually use it to determine my time limits? Well, that depends entirely upon what it lands on…! 😉

  1. Geke Hop-Wassink said:

    Beautiful, specially the first one, it looks if it start’s spinning any moment, but the second is very detailed as well, Great work of art


    • Jacob said:

      Thanks Geke – just a bit of fun! As a kid I always wanted to spin the Wheel of Fortune – now I can! 😉

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  2. Lee Hesketh said:

    I actually saw some Wheel Of Fortune on Challenge the other dinner time and thought of you. I didn’t know Bradley Walsh hosted it, he was really good at holding the crap together! Lush wheel, well done you.


    • Jacob said:

      Ha! Lots of people say that. Whenever I’m round somebody else’s house, they switch the telly straight to Challenge. I am the game show guru, apparently.

      Wheel of Fortune was only ever worth watching when Bradley Walsh was doing it – brilliant host. He only did one series, though, sadly.

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      • Lee Hesketh said:

        Whoa, then they must think you’re super cool!


      • Jacob said:

        …and they’d be right, no?


      • Lee Hesketh said:

        Totally. ❤

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  3. Lindsay said:

    Would you mind sharing how you got the flapper to react properly? I am trying to do the same thing and can’t seem to figure it out. thanks!



    • Jacob said:

      Hello Lindsay. Right, here goes…

      The flipper is a cylinder taken down to three rotational segments, sized as desired and then made editable. It needs an object to ‘flip’ from – in my case, it’s the green podium light. These two elements are joined by a hinge Connector positioned, as you see in that screenshot, with the flipper as Object A and the light in Object B. I gave it an angular limit of just a few degrees – mine is 0-6 – so that it doesn’t fly violently on spin and lose contact with the wheel entirely.

      It’s important that the flipper itself has a Rigid Body tag applied to it, so that it can react to other simulation objects – namely, the bars of the wheel. Likewise, these need a Collider Body tag, so that they interact with the flipper. On making the bars/wheel spin, the flipper should behave as you want.

      That should be it… forgive me, it was quite a while ago now!


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