Next Dimension: Skymaster

skymaster0015Back to the theme park we trot for another frolic with the third dimension. This time we have The Skymaster – not an exclusive moniker; the most common I found in researching was the rather more ominous Kamikaze. This contraption turned up in the mid 80s and acts rather like a swinging pendulum, slowly but surely swaying back and forth, more and more until its momentum is such that it can do a full 360. Or several full 360s. Needless to say, as soon as there’s indication of a ride ‘doing 360’, it has lost the prospect of my custom, and I toddle back to the Teacups.

Noting a few structural similarities between Skymaster and the Top Spin covered last time, I expected this to be done in no time. How wrong I was; this must have taken upwards of eight hours to reach the stage you see. The most troublesome aspect of the build was undoubtedly the nasty gondolas – so much harder than last time. I did manage to transplant the seats I made from the Top Spin, but all the extra safety bars and the outer shell itself were an absolute nightmare. I almost abandoned the idea as it was going so badly and feeling a waste of time, but in the end I managed to use trusty ArtSmart plugin to import a vector base for the gondola, then extruded and booled as necessary to give depth and the windows and entryways. The joy when I finally completed the bloody gondola – I can’t tell you!

I don’t think these came into the Tycoon universe until the third edition, though there was a similar version with one arm in the original, dressed as a pirate ship. Yes, they complained about that too, especially if you made it do an inhumane number of rotations (as I always did). Token isometric RCT tribute image:

Just for a bit of fun, I leave you with a postcard image of my thriving fairground. How on earth are you going to get it all in on a single visit?

As frustrating as these are, they are very rewarding when complete, and I like the idea of adding to my ‘park’, so I’m sure we’ll go thrill-seeking again soon.

  1. Wow!! Your park is looking amazing Jacob! I love the final shot. This one looks appropriately terrifying…hehe… I think no I might reconsider that Ferris wheel. 😉hehe

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks, Charlie! Yes, it makes me feel slightly queasy just looking at it – as there are no teacups in sight (yet!) I will join you on the wheel!

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  2. Omg Jacob, your details are superb, thank you for sharing these amazing images.

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks so much, Sharon! Time was getting on and I evaded quite a lot of detail compared to the last one, but I’m so glad you enjoy these! They’re frustrating but fun!

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  3. Bill Fufkin said:

    I will join you on the tea cups, if that’s alright! B

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    • Jacob said:

      That would be more than alright, Bill my friend! Hop on!


  4. Stunning images Jacob, and fun fairs are such great locations for all kinds of stories, there’s sonething quite surreal about them and you capture that superbly 😊

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    • Jacob said:

      Cheers, Phil – chuffed you like these! You’re right, I’ve always been grabbed by the magic of the fair; we entrust ourselves to these ominous machines in the name of amusement, and, though we may need our heads examined (in the case of the Skymaster and its ilk, most definitely!) each ride takes us somewhere totally different, and there’s a lot to be said for that, for sure!

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