Triple H

AF-hhhWith nostalgia overflowing from my previous visit to the squared circle, the only way to overcome it was to indulge it. Thankfully the process worked in that regard, and so I’m still unsure how much further I’m going to take this, if at all.

This Triple H was the first ever figure I bought. He came with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, under a ‘Famous Scenes’ umbrella as a nod to a ladder match they had in 1998. No ladder was included.

This was back in the days when Helmsley was just another superstar trapped in gaudy purple tights, not running the show like he is now.

AF-hhh01Having two pose-able figures meant I could throw them at one another for a bit of rough and tumble. I’m sure that’s what every wrestling fan called it. That’s gotta hurt! Who the heck’s going to win this thing!?!?



    • Jacob said:

      Thanks, Teresa! I’m glad you enjoyed them. Maybe more to come, not sure yet!

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    • Jacob said:

      Ha ha! Thanks, Cynthia.


    • Jacob said:

      Hahaha! Lucky Guido! 😉


  1. Nice!!! You need to get yourself of those purple tights!! Haha! Loving the color on those! I never had figures of wrestlers but any sort of action figure gives me a pang of nostalgia. I have to admit buying a couple Star Wars action figures recently just to experienced being a kid again. 😊hehe

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    • Jacob said:

      Haha, oh dear! I’m not sure purple is my colour (what on earth is?). That’s great! Nothing to admit, and it hardly surprises me anyway 😉 the Star Wars ones I’ve seen around look cool… though I have barely any idea who or what they’re supposed to be, of course. Nicer than wrestling figures, anyway.

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      • Actually, nobody knows who have of the figures are in Star Wars. They tend to pluck some rogue figure in the background out that had 5 seconds of screen time. But when I was a kid, that was also part of the fun! Lol

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      • Jacob said:

        Haha! It’s all about taking the money from the kids’ pockets – twas the same with these guys 😉

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