The Hurricane

hurricane-1Stand back! There’s a Hurricane comin’ through!

Dominated by massive, unruly brutes, what could the WWF have needed more than its own superhero to restore order? The Hurricane was first spotted in 2001 and, despite being a heel and the character’s infancy having all the hallmarks of a throwaway comedy gimmick, the audience warmed to him. This was thanks in no small part to his zany tales of heroism and endearing fearlessness in confronting far larger opposition, who would often pay a hefty price for their cocky underestimations… I mean, it is a superhero we’re dealing with here! The Hurricane became supremely popular –  at one point even acquiring a legendary sidekick in ‘Mighty Molly’ Holly – and would wrestle for a half-decade under the mask, notching up several high-profile title runs. He even beat The Rock.

Some note similarities to ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms, a grappler from the age of sixteen who wrestled in WCW in the years prior, indeed making a couple of appearances in the WWF immediately before The Hurricane showed up. Who could possibly know…?

It was coming toward the tail-end of my time following the show when Hurricane was rising fast; when interest was flagging, he was a guaranteed draw, even down to the luscious lime green attire. Of course I also have great admiration for The Hurricane’s natural ring skills, and the enduring value and humour he brought to his role. He didn’t need a cape to fly high! Apparently he returned in 2009 – might we see The Hurricane whirl once more? Keep those eyes peeled!

  1. I love your portrait and the hammy video. What’s all that thumbs up stuff he keeps doing? At least he’s still with us: most of them seem to have left us at suspiciously early ages…

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks, Michael – I can’t watch that video without sniggering to myself. As for the thumbs up, why, he’s just being friendly! Perhaps he’s here to rescue you from Bam Bam…?

      Yes, that’s a darkness I struggled to contend with as a kid and fan; it’s a relentless and dangerous business, in a number of ways. It has (broadly) changed, though – WWE certainly offers far better care to the talent of today than it ever did to those poor chaps, and I imagine their stringency will have had a positive influence on the lifestyle choices made by wrestlers themselves. One would hope it’s something that will, therefore, become less frequent, but what a shame it is that it took the untimely loss of so many for them to go to the trouble.

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  2. Bill Fufkin said:

    The kinky mask makes the man…and your heroic portrait. Great accomplished work. B

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    • Jacob said:

      Tee hee – I must admit to quite enjoying the mask myself! 😉 Thank you very much, Bill – appreciated as ever.


  3. Lee Hesketh said:

    So smart, what a guy! These are so fun!

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    • Jacob said:

      Thank you, Lee – glad you like them. I’m enjoying these chaps far, far too much!

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