goldust-1There have been some interesting performers stepping through the ropes over the years, many of whom have cropped up in this series. Goldust has to be tangling with the best of them. Cryptic, twisted and spooky, every outing with Goldust promised something different.

In a mode that seems at odds with the eighties hangover that was the WWF of 1995, this Oscar-esque figure would take down foes not just inside the ring, but out of the ring also. Sneak attacks, secret messages and stalking were all textbook Goldust, but an apparent favourite was to mess with his opponent’s head via flirting. With their guard down, Goldust would pounce and, unleashing his enviable ring skills, seize victory.

Meddling with minds from the get-go, Goldust notched up victory after victory before coming unstuck (and undressed, for reasons I’m glad I can’t recall) against Roddy Piper at WrestleMania XII. Around this time, a smoking valet by the name of Marlena, she too dressed entirely in gold, had begun accompanying him to the ring. To complete the gimmick, she would not stand at ringside but sit in a specially commissioned director’s chair, smoking a golden cigar.

When the pair went their separate ways in late 1997, a new look was called for: enter The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust. Over this brief but colourful period, he would appear not in his trademark golden jumpsuits but in attire to mimic rival grapplers and various celebrities – we were gifted appearances from Chynadust, Hunterdust and MarilynMansondust, among many, many more. After a subsequent run under his real name of Dustin Rhodes, Goldust was revived in 1998.

Rhodes left the WWF in 1999 after a string of brisk and uninspiring storylines. All revolved around Goldust lusting after [wrestler]’s female valet, and him coming up short before moving on. It’s curious, with the WWF at the time really pushing the envelope as they were at that point, that Goldust, a character with perhaps the biggest scope for craziness in both deranged and comedic modes, wasn’t pushed and didn’t seem to much benefit. If there were any big plans for Goldust, as was continually rumoured, they simply didn’t materialise. It was almost as if he was lost in the mix, which seems a crazier prospect than anything the character ever did!

Goldust came and went several times throughout the 2000s, most notably for me providing comedy gold a-plenty as a tag team with Booker T in 2002-3. A decade later, he seems to have settled into the WWE full-time, still running with the gimmick and recently tagging with younger brother Cody Rhodes, who even adopted the name Stardust for the union.

Goldust is quite a ridiculous character. I understand the character was quite heavily ridiculed in its infancy, which in the context of the wrestling ring must take quite some doing. But I expect those critics are silenced somewhat by the sheer fact that, more than twenty years after his debut, Goldust is still going strong and continues to evolve. In fact, many of the comments I’ve read in research claim that Rhodes is putting on some of his strongest showings today, at nearing fifty years of age. It’s all testament to the man beneath the gold and his dedication to the performance, for there are generations of wrestling fans who will never forget the name, Goldust.

  1. Goldust the glam. He looks like some sort of supervillain from a play or film. Loving it. Loving the idea of gold cigars, too ( even though i don’t smoke..). How decadent!

    I’ve always found it difficult to draw/paint faces with makeup on them for some reason. I think it’s because heavy makeup/facepaint alters the natural light shading that’d normally occur, making it harder to produce an image that seems lifelike rather than cartoony. You’ve done a great job here though, as per usual. I love all the shine and sparkle going on. puts me in mind of chocolate wrappers, and now i want chocolate. Damn!

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    • Jacob said:

      Haha, that’s more or less exactly what he was – most fascinating! He also had a gold limousine, I believe. Gold everything!

      It’s interesting about the face; I was worried of that at first, but once I got into it, it felt simpler. In that altered light I felt I could go a bit lighter on details, especially with the eyes and lips caked in black. I still tend to fret quite a bit about skin tones and whether they’re accurate, so it was quite a welcome change to go just gold gold gold!

      Sigh… now I want chocolate too!

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      • Gold limo too? I can’t help but be put in mind of Hedonism-bot from Futurama, now 😛

        Well…you did it well! You certainly didn’t lose any depth, which is tricky to do when rendering a painted face. You’re probably getting some good practice at that sorta thing actually- painting pics of wrestlers/performers etc quite often. Skin tones can certainly be tricky in general though.

        Yep. Need ferrero rocher!

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      • Jacob said:

        You know, I’ve never caught an episode of Futurama. I know! I keep meaning to give it a go.

        Thank goodness it’s the holiday season, eh – we can go nuts on the Ferrero Rocher, Goldust style!

        Reminds me of that ‘joke’: Archaeologists digging in a Pyramid in Egypt have found a mummy covered in chocolate and nuts. Experts believe it to be Pharaoh Roche.

        Sorry. Again, ’tis the season 😉

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      • Oh, i highly recommend giving it a watch! It’s quite clever. The character that makes me laugh most is Zap Brannigan. But there are a bunch of great moments…such as The Scary Door..Have a quick looky looky over here:
        Haha, i’d never heard that joke. I’m gonna tell everyone! I just told it to my kid, and she said “that’s so bad that it’s good” ( Christmas cracker good?) . Which reminds me of the only xmas cracker joke that ever made me laugh: Q: How did the man drown in his muesli? A: A currant [ie current] sucked him in. Anyway, that works better spoken than written, but it got me for some reason. I must’ve been tipsy, i guess!

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      • Jacob said:

        Haha, that’s great! The Scary Door sounds like it ought to be a series of its own.

        Ha! I’d say the same – must admit, I did chuckle quite a bit when I first heard it! Ah, I’ve heard that muesli one before, it’s another ‘cracker’ of a joke! 😉 This reminds me of something else, lowering the tone (if that’s possible); when I was quite little, I picked this beaut up, doubtless from my older siblings:

        Why was the washing machine laughing? Because it was taking the piss out of the pants!

        I thought it so funny that I even went and told my grandparents, expecting them too to find it hilarious. Not so! 😛 They weren’t best pleased with me using the P word and my mother got a right telling orf! (Still, at least it wasn’t all bad!) 😉

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      • Oh definitely! I’d watch a series of The Scary Door for sure. The writing is VERY good in Futurama.
        Hehe. Nice one. Your poor li’l grandparents, hehe . They weren’t expecting that! I’ll be a bad mum and tell my daughter that one; she will crack up 😀

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  2. Bill Fufkin said:

    A rather frightful fellow…but a fantastic image. You are moved to wonder, who on earth dreams up these characters? B

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    • Jacob said:

      Ha ha, that would be the boss, Vince McMahon, I presume? I’m not entirely sure. But whoever came up with Goldust is a genius, for sure. Thanks, Bill!


    • Jacob said:

      Ha ha, yes, I thought him appropriate for this time of year!

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks, JP – yes, certainly Goldust could never be branded a forgettable character!


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