Broadland Blizzard

Just a few odds and ends in my apparently unending obsession with bygone Broadland landscapes. The scope for this is broad – if you will – and I feel far from over. I could do these all day. As it is, these were all very quick; probably no more than a quarter-hour for any one of them.

It’s been a tad chilly lately – and you know it’s cold if I’m noting the drop in temperature, for I can usually go around in next to nothing (a treat of an image for you, there) of a winter without complaint. I think snow was forecast for earlier in the week, but I don’t think it came; if it did, I was in bed, like when it actually did arrive last month. What woe.

Still, that prospect appears to have eked through to my landscapes, as the urge came over me to blow a blizzard upon my unsuspecting broadland.

The first attempt was pretty unspectacular, a little rigid but on the right lines.


I much prefer the second, even quicker attack, and the different aesthetic that came of such improvised quickness. Hmm, perhaps an old, wintry capture of Mill Cottage in its heyday?


On a different note entirely, and a swerve backward to my previous postmy previous post, I had another look at pathways. In becoming a bit more clued up on their uses, Photoshop’s blurring tools have become increasingly useful for creating mist, haze and general atmosphere. What’s more, a motion blur achieves quite a nice look for water:


And, to conclude a rather denser forest walk than in the previous, this time forming a creepy arch. Again, we’re very much dependent on those blurs. At least there’s light at the end, I suppose!


    • Jacob said:

      Thanks, Charlie! It’s fun, and proving a welcome refuge from ten-hour portraits. Yes, that one turned out happily, not least because its dusty nature makes me think not just snow, but Jelly Babies. Mmm!

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  1. Oooh, those turned out really well and are beautiful! My favorite is the last one. 🙂

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks ever so much, Teresa – it’s nice to see everyone rooting for different ones! 🙂

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  2. Bill Fufkin said:

    I do enjoy that blizzard…it is poignant and ghostly. Can I see figures inside the storm? B

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks, Bill – and maybe! If you can see them, they’re there!


  3. Lurvely. I enjoy the quick expressive ones most! i enjoy the other ones, too, but i really do love the effect created by your drawing quickly. I look forward to more sketchy Jacob!
    Glad you’ve been enjoying some cooler days, too. Been chilly here, as well ( chilly for Aus summer, anyway! I’m here wearing a heavy coat and considering giving the heater a blast!)

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks! Another pull of this whole realm is that I don’t feel bound by so many rules as, say, portraiture. I’m confident enough to loosen up a little here, so I’ve embraced that as best I can.

      That’s crazy! But not so bad for the heat-averse, I suppose? 😉 It’s quite warm here, as it happens – with the nights pulling out so noticeably, it’s basically spring.

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  4. That’s awesome. I tend to go the other way, and panic because i don’t know quite what to do. Quite silly, really!It absolutely should be a freeing experience.

    Yeah, it’s odd, but nice! Actually, down here in Victoria, we’re quite used to erratic weather. The temperature can drop 10 degrees in minutes. Even seconds, really. I’ve been out on a warm day, then a gust of cold wind comes in from nowhere, and within 3 seconds it’s suddenly freezy. Sounds like we’ve sent you a bit of our summer, and you’ve traded a bit of winter in return. Cheers!

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    • Jacob said:

      Ah. I guess it’s the heritage of all the landscapes I did as a child serving me well. It was literally all I’d draw; I never really touched portraits until high school, it was always basically what you see here, just a tad more naive; line for horizon, windmill, trees. Bosh!

      That’s crazy. Saying that, though, our geography makes the weather here pretty erratic itself – perhaps not to that scale, though. Case in point: not long after posting that comment, a weather forecaster on TV warned of it turning colder again throughout the coming week. While the nation collectively groans, I cheer! 😉

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      • Ah, well there ya go. I never did that; i was always just really into faces…which kinda turned me into a one-trick pony! As i get older, i get more of an appreciation for a good landscape.
        Ooh, yes, bring on the chilliness! Alas, i think we’re set for some warmuns this week….but it won’t be long and autumn will be upon us. Yay! I think seasonal preference must have something to do with one’s interests. If you’re really sporty, i could see why sunshine and clear skies would appeal. But to those who are creative, clouds are like interesting sculptures in the sky, and the cold has a stark beauty about it which many don’t appreciate. Ah, we humans are weirdos, really. I wonder how the rest of the animal kingdom feels about it?

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      • Jacob said:

        Ooh yes, roll on Aussie autumn! I do rather like spring, though, when everything blooms and it’s comfortably warm. You’re spot on, though – I love the ‘stark beauty’. Such cosy romanticism about it all – especially when you throw things in like blankets, the log fire, thick coats. I miss them all. 😦

        Snow leopards, I’d guess, don’t mind the cold, and they’re incredible so… 😉 Cougars like the snow. Which reminds me of this video I found recently:

        Hysterical. Listen to them purr. They are so so cute!

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      • Yeah, me too. Early spring is lovely.
        Another thing i’ll do when i’m rich: buy me a home with a fireplace 🙂

        Awwwww!!!! They’re so beautiful! The purring is lovely ^_^ and so loud! That guy is game! I guess he’s raised them from cubs? It’s cute how they all want to climb him, hehe. I’m envious of anyone able to cuddle creatures like this!

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      • Jacob said:

        Oh, I’m with you in that envy! I think he has raised them since they were cubs; he mentions in the description about how it’s harder to carry them now they weigh over 100lbs. Haha. I can quiet believe that!

        It’s so adorable – they just look so docile and playful. Just big kitties. Incredible stuff!

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      • Aww, he’s their parent! That’s sweet. And yes, i was also struck by how kitten-like their behaviour was. And such CUUUUUTE faces!

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      • Jacob said:

        They have absolutely stunning faces, don’t they. Again, just a big kitty!

        I’m so enamoured with these cuties that I’ve been searching for cougar videos for quite a while. This throws up some… interesting results, as you can probably imagine. Nevertheless: OMG! ❤

        "Their mother was killed by a hunter, who didn't realise it was a mum." Hm, why do I have a hard time believing that knowledge would have made any difference? Sigh. Still, thank goodness they were rescued and got to stay together! And, again, I'm so inordinately jealous of that woman. I want a cougar. (folds arms, huffs)

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      • Lovely little faces ^_^
        Hahaha, i can imagine some of the results!
        Ohhhh myyyyy gawwwwd, they are SO beautiful!!!! Cuterest little bubbies!!! So fluffy! Such little chunks of cute! The way that one jumps at the lady! I too am jealous of her. Just imagine cuddling them all >.<
        Yes, i doubt the hunter would have cared either way :/ Anyone who could shoot an animal like that is severely lacking in the compassion department 😦 It's depressing that people can do such things. By contrast, it's refreshing to know there are people out there- such as this woman- who DO care about wild creatures, and are so committed to helping them.

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