pakenham-51An interlude, at least, in that we’ve broken away from Norfolk and plunged into Suffolk – gasp! As it’s Saturday night – it’s party time and not one minute we can lose! – I opted to go wild in such a way and… draw a windmill.

Here we have Pakenham Mill, situated near Burgh St Edmunds. Built in 1830, it has stayed in resplendent condition for most of its life, and in 2001 was brought back to full working order. It stands not too far away from an equally beautiful watermill; I believe both are open to visitors.

Though always something of a star, the mill had a wider brush with celebrity some fifty or sixty years ago. Its operation was shot by the BBC as part of a series of short Interlude films – a placeholder while studios were dressed for the next programme, or to cover any breakdowns in still relatively new technology. The ethos of ‘mildly engaging but not so much that anything would be missed by looking away’ makes the circular motion of the windmill’s sails a perfect fit. As you can probably guess, though, I find it hard to imagine looking away – where were these when I was a child?

  1. Yay, another windmill! I want to live in this one, too 😉 ‘Tis luvverly. I bet you can draw one with your eyes closed by now!
    The interlude vid is quite charming- i was enjoying the unaccountably dramatic music! I was getting serious ‘Wizard of Oz’ vibes. But it’s just the windmill for 5 whole minutes, and that amuses me 😀

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    • Jacob said:

      Yay indeed! 😉 Hahaha, oh, I wish I could! The sails still drive me potty, and I have to force myself through that bit. It’s easier to make them in 3D! But aye, it’s a reward when it’s finished.

      I remember finding that music a little creepy when I first watched the film, at least until it brightens up a touch (both the music and sky!). It certainly adds to the atmosphere of the thing.

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      • They do look incredibly detailed and time consuming…must be satisfying to finish them! It’s actually satisfying just to look at them. I must take a leaf out of your book and exercise some self discipline!
        It is a little creepy…but i like that! Just love the olde worldiness of it all, really 🙂

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