storm-windpump-1I had no intention of drawing this evening, but after quite an eventful day felt the need to pass time. There are worse ways. Fortunately, just as said urge took hold, I came across another charmingly set photato of a drainage mill in South Walsham and had started really before I was aware – and, evidently, went in quite heavy. Though the caption mentions Fleet Dyke; I can’t seem to find much more about specific mills there, so her fate post-reference is up in the air.

There’s not really much more to say, I suppose, other than how pleasingly right it seems for me to once again be enchanted by windmills, drawing windmills and turning to them for comfort. It’s one of the many good things I owe to this blog. As I’ve previously mentioned, it was always the way as a little boy, so I shouldn’t be surprised about the return as much as why I ever stopped in the first place!

  1. Oooh, lovely! Dark and moody. You’re super prolific with the artyworks at the moment! I’m trying not to feel ashamed at my lack of productivity in comparison!
    It’s so nice to be able to derive such comfort from a specific subject. Isn’t it cool how the things we love as kids stay with us throughout our lives? When i think about all the artists, actors, musicians, writers, etc that i admire, i notice that they all seem to have kept in touch with the child within. I think it’s so important. It’s where creativity and humour reside.
    I think you should build a windmill someday! Even if it’s just a model one! I’m getting so interested in building stuff since discovering all the cool things that Martin dude from Wintergatan does. I reckon a small but functional windmill would be a fascinating project to work on!

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    • Jacob said:

      Thank you! Oh my, I wouldn’t want to make anybody feel ashamed! It only materialised from a desire to kill time, really. I quite like this one, though, so I’m glad I did!

      It’s what makes us, us, I suppose. 🙂 And you’re definitely right about the inner child – all the best creatives are in very close contact with that, keeping a playful element about their process. Very important.

      That would be an amazing project. I’m so hideously cack-handed with crafty stuff like that, though, that I fear any mill would only be insulted by my model. Perhaps you should have a go – you could make a windhouse! 😉

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      • Well, y’know, it wasn’t something you consciously did, so i’ll forgive you for inadvertantly making me assess my own productivity levels 😉 I’m going to force myself to draw something tonight! So really, you’ve inspired, so that’s much more positive 🙂

        It’s super important. It helps one to enjoy- and get through- life, too. I always wonder how people with no sense of humour or playfulness cope with life.

        I bet you’d be fine! I’d probably feel a but intimidated by the prospect myself, but it’s just a matter of learning, like anything else. It sure would be an interesting project. I just love the idea of making something with moving parts. Haha, Project Windhouse 😀 I like it!

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      • Jacob said:

        Well, yay for being an inspiration. That always makes my day! And only an hour and half in on this occasion! 😉

        Aw, I think you overestimate me and my handiness! It’s Art classes with Mrs. Carter coming back to me, I think. A clay ‘watch’ I made as part of GCSE mysteriously went missing just before my exhibition, and my grade shot up three levels (at least, in Carter’s view!) And I never got it back. I still wonder if they genuinely destroyed it to get me a higher grade… 😛

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      • Well i still didn’t do the thing i initially set out to do ( oops), but at least some sort of creativity was sparked, and all because my bloggy friends are inadvertently giving me a kick up the arse everytime they post their work! It’s good. I sorely need the inspiration.

        Ha! That’s odd. I wonder what happenned to it? Maybe somebody stole it? They should’ve put somebody on watch watch ( jeez, sorry!) . Either way, it’s awesome that your grade went up that much! Still amuses me how similar your art teacher sounds to how mine was 😀

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      • Jacob said:

        Haha – so like me. Happy to provide a boot up the arse whenever needed, though – just need to call Dougal up and get him to bring his camera 😉

        It’s a mystery. Incidentally there were also some worksheets I produced for the mock GCSE, on the topic of Fruit and Veg, which I never got back; it transpired they’d kept as examples to future cohorts. Rarely have I been so proud 😉 But I would hope very much that isn’t the case with the watch! It makes me chuckle thinking how poor it was! 😛 I remember when I mentioned its disappearance, a friend suggested that maybe Mrs Carter was wearing it at the exhibition. Hilarious.

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      • haha 😀 “He DID kick me up the arse!”. Love that eposide.

        Well that’s a bit nice, innit 🙂 I don’t think anything like that happened to me!

        The mystery of the missing watch. Sounds kinda like a Sherlock episode 😉 Where is he when we need him? Haha, just imagine? A new watch for Mrs. Carter. That’d be pretty funny 🙂

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks, Michael – I’m glad it worked!


    • Jacob said:

      Yay! Thanks, Charlie. Maybe it’s you who is responsible for the reunion? 😉 It is good to know Little Jacob is still in there somewhere!

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  2. dawnmarie said:

    That windmill looks mysterious.

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