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stolaves0059It’s National Mills Weekend, don’t you know? That this passed me by until now is, frankly, shameful. So, if you’ve got nothing to do with you Sunday, why not go see a wind or watermill? Many will be open and, weather permitting, working!

To honour the festivities, here are some half-finished models and scenes of St Olaves Mill, a cute little smock pump standing beside the River Waveney, and not the sea as envisioned here. Essentially this is the same structure as Boardman’s Mill; indeed it may have been exactly the same in infancy, and later encased in weatherboarding.

Built on the site of a former mill, it came relatively late to the party, erected in 1915 and working through to the sixties. Following a brief spell on its own, the mill was restored in 1980 and given a thick coat of paint. It’s still in good shape, and in a perfectly reachable spot, so is ready and waiting should you want to capitalise on the occasion.

The main reason these never came sooner is because of experimentation with using hair dynamics for ‘real’ grass. While it performed better than expected, I’m afraid I found myself becoming frustrated with the configurations after a while, sometimes going backwards rather than forwards. There’s potential there, though.


For extra pertinent fun, here’s a look at all the mills I’ve built so far. Honestly, I was sure I’d made more than this! But it does me good seeing some progress.

  1. Oops- i so didn’t see this in my readie feedie. Shame on me! But shame on you for not knowing it was the Mills Weekend! ( ‘cuase, like, i totally knew 😉 )

    Nice work again! The grass looks like a lot of work, but it’s effective. I especially like that lighting in the first one! Seriously, with your digi skills and your love of game shows, mefinx you could design an amazing video game of some kind and make bazillions!

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    • Jacob said:

      I know! I remembered it last year, though I’m not sure I mentioned it here. Obviously I’ve just been so busy, what with learning Welsh and listening to Kate Bush, that it just slipped by unnoticed!

      Thanks, appreciated as ever! Well, wouldn’t that be a happy eventuality. Say, I don’t think there’s ever been an Interceptor game… 😉 that, and the t-shirts – merchandise would be flying as high as his chopper! You see, it’s all falling into place. 😉

      Apropos of nothing, fancy seeing Father Ted host a quiz show? It’s more than a bit rickety, but hilarious, because with that I frequently have to remind myself that this isn’t actually from an episode of Father Ted.

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      • Well, those are worthy distractions, at least!

        An Interceptor video game!!!! That’d be amazing. I’m not even a gamer of any kind, but i’m pretty sure i’d play that. It’d be hilarious- especially if you could sample that screech 😀

        Ha! Oh my, that’s quite surreal. I never would have guessed such a role for Dermot Morgan. I keep expecting Dougal to come on and say something silly, or for Father Jack to be one of the contestants; just answering “DRINK!” ,”FECK!”, “ARSE!”, or “GIRLS!”.

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      • Jacob said:

        Oh, I really think it’d make a fun game! And it probably could be done justice nowadays, with hardware as powerful as it is and online play so massive. A sort of GTA-style, randomly generated open world, with the two contestants and an Interceptor within it. Maybe you could have a PACK of Interceptors (‘screech’ as the collective noun, perhaps?) to make it harder! You could all use your Xbox headsets to communicate and everything – it’d be such a hoot! I’d get an Xbox just for this game, really. And why, of course the screeches would be in; it couldn’t be Inty without those! 😉

        I haven’t got carried away, or anything!

        Haha! Same! It’s the whole low-key aspect of the thing that gets me – it feels so much like something they’d have knocked up for the show!

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      • YES!!! Do it do it do it! With a ‘screech’ of Interceptors 😀 Go on go on go on go on…GO ON!
        Get carried away!
        On a slight tangent but kinda related one- i just discovered there’s a teacher at my kid’s school who looks a little Interceptorish! I had to tell you. He has the hair, and almost the features ( not quite, but he’s pretty cute), and i was trying not to laugh this afternoon when i saw him, as i imagined using that “You can intercept me anytime” line on him and how hilariously awful that would be. ( don’t worry, i’m not gonna do it!). But then i got the sillies, and imagined just screeching at him, too. Sauve as! A surefire way to get his attention. Not positive attention, for sure, but attention. Anyway, it’s going to be difficult to keep a straight face next time i see him, which is a shame, because i need be COOL around the hotties, man! Anyway.

        I know! He actually looked like he’d rather be doing something else- like playing Father Ted!

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      • Jacob said:

        Ha – if only I had the know-how! I would pitch it to somebody, but I wouldn’t know where to start!

        Oh my, an Aussie Interceptor! This is amazing. And hilarious. It’s always a big deal for me if I’m out and about and spot an Interceptor-alike. Imagine if he appears one day in a big trenchcoat. Does he fly to work, I wonder? 😉 That would be something. Well, I hope you get to intercept his attention someday and resist those urges, much as I can understand their power! 😉

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      • With your computery techy skills ( to use the scientific term) , i’m pretty sure you’d pick up said know-how easily!

        Haha! I so hope he wears a trenchcoat come winter! Maybe i’ll attempt to sneak a smile his way when i’m feeling suitably cocky. I will TRY to restrain myself from anything too untoward, though 😉

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      • Jacob said:

        Ha – I wish! My brain’s not really equipped for all the behind the scenes stuff; the coding and whatnot. It mightaswell be Welsh to me!

        I have to share with you what I found an evening or two ago. Den of Geek did a review of Interceptor. It’s all totally spot on (except the bit about how you shouldn’t return to it, obviously!), and hence, bloody hilarious.

        “The Interceptor has two main gimmicks. The first is his bizarre habit of raising his arms aloft and shrieking like a fish-eagle at random moments, and, yes, that’s absolutely as hilarious as it sounds. Sean O’Kane, the actor who ‘plays’ the Interceptor, apparently told an interviewer that his fish-eagle obsession began in childhood. He honed his technique on the football fields, where he would lie in wait to swoop on any errant balls that happened to be kicked his way. I guess the other kids must’ve loved him for that.”

        Well, that’s about as delightful an origin as I expected!

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      • Aww, i know; that stuff is kinda foreign to me, too. I reckon my kid would be good at that sorta thing. Kids seem so onto it that way nowdays! Hey, that’s it! Get your niece to learn it! Collaboration ftw!

        Haha, nice article- very funny and well written! A child Interceptor playing football and screeching at his opponents is a hilarious and adorable image ^_^

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      • Jacob said:

        Yes! I’ve seen bits of applications that disguise coding as a game/play experience, which of course is always useful. I’d hope kids are taught a lot more ‘hard’ computing stuff than I was, because it’s going to be really key in the future. If it isn’t already!

        Ooh, good thinking! We can get my niece and your daughter on board! No developer would be able to turn us down… and if they’re foolish enough to do so, out comes the laser gun! 😉


  2. I love the crisp light on this Jacob, it’s such fresh convincing light well done mister. There’s such tranquility about these watery landscapes , beautiful 😊

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    • Jacob said:

      And thank you, mister! We certainly have lots of water! I’m sure you’d love it; the real counterparts are that much better, what with the pub lunches and such 😉 heavenly!


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