Going Dutch

molen1_0002I’ve always looked with curiosity at the plentiful mills of The Netherlands; they take quaint to another level, to the extent that leaves many of our broadland counterparts feeling positively functional. What’s more, they appear so well preserved; countless sails turn across the skyline, a stark contrast to the Broads, bringing so much to the view and capitalising on the tourist pull. While the aesthetic and sheer familiarity of those nearby will always have my heart, the differences of the European models are to behold, and it’s great to see them standing so defiantly in the shadow of their gigantic, cool successor, the wind turbine.

With the temperatures soaring and thoughts of holiday setting in, it seemed time to move in that direction. Resplendent in sumptuous lemon yellow and beaming of summer against the blue sky, Huizermolen stands today as an exhibit in Arnhem’s Netherlands Open Air Museum, and has done since 1919. Originally working as a grinding mill in the village of Huizen, pieces date as far back as the 1660s – clearly, she’s an old girl. Thankfully, in the good hands of the museum, she undergoes regular maintenance and makeover, so there’s never the risk of looking her age.

molen1_0003I’m not certain, but I think I might have unwittingly solved the issue of trees – a love/hate relationship that has been the narrative of these windmill renders! It came in a fit of frustration after having to turn off the computer, thanks to C4D freezing the machine entirely. It seems so obvious now, though – turning off the Alpha channel renders the ‘leaves’ as nothing but solid polygons. This reduces their overall quality rather a lot, as they’re now just clumps of shapes rather than an intricate cut of leaves, but rarely do I show them so close up for it to much matter; I certainly hope the compromise isn’t obvious! After this, rendering went without a hitch, and so much quicker than with the Alpha channel active. This made me very happy. I’ll have to think of something else to complain about from now on!

molen1_0007And, with our going Dutch for this one – perhaps in subsequent builds, too! – the Photoshop work below seemed obvious. When it’s spring again…

They’re not from Amsterdam, though.


  1. Yeah, love the strong colour in these Jacob, that mill and the tulips put a big smile on my face, lovely 🙂

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks, Phil – so happy to hear that! Tulips have that effect on me too – even more so when there’s a mill thrown in 😉 – gloriously pretty!

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  2. This is gorgeous, Jacob!! Love the colors!! Really nicely done! So yeah, you’ll definitely have to think of something else to complain about. This went well! hehe😉

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks, Charlie! I simply couldn’t resist the happy yellow of this one. And indeed – I probably shouldn’t call myself a Brit if I can’t find fault elsewhere!

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  3. Bill Fufkin said:

    An uplifting sigh to wake up to. I think you would like Holland very much ! On their condition: my guess is that they are more fortunate with volunteers…it could be that the Dutch are just more charitable. They all seem to have no end of staff. B

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    • Jacob said:

      Happy to provide as much, Bill! Oh, I’m sure I would enjoy the place – it comes across as an elevated Norfolk. Very similar in complexion, just more traditionally romantic. My grandparents went when I was about four and took countless photographs of mill after mill for me to enjoy.


    • Jacob said:

      I’ll take that – I’ve not been likened to a saint in quite some time! Thanks, JP. You really can’t go wrong with tulips.


  4. Lovely! It’s such an aesthetically pleasing shape. And yellow IS such a happy colour, i think. And the trees are superrealistic- what a nice turn of events to accidentally make that discovery about the program! Nice. Tulips are also one of my favourite flowers ever. There are some flower farms up here where i live, and when they’re all blooming it’s pretty magical. Some of them are tulip farms. Actually there are a lot of people with Dutch heritage in this area. Even in the local architecture, there is a distinct European influence. It sounds very unpatriotic of me, but i think that’s what i like about this area….it’s very fairytale like, which is rather different from the stereotypical ‘Aussie’ landscape. Anyway, i’d like to see Holland/ The Netherlands ( amongst a bunch of other places!)… someday….sigh.

    Well, just wanted to pop in before i leave for a while. Imma make my blog private instead of deleting it- kinda cryogenically freeze it for a while, so that i can “thaw it out” at a later date and see how i feel about it then. So hopefully that means my gravatar thingy will still be there, and i can easily track everyone down again when i need to? Hopefully! Until then, take care, and if you ever feel like a chat, i’m at: bonbonbackwards at gmail dot com. I don’t check it every day, but will be doing so more often than checking in on wordypress, so do drop me a line if you ever feel like it! Sending hugs and inspirey vibes your way, and fanx for being a friend here ^_^ ❤ ☮️

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    • Jacob said:

      Thank you! It was certainly a happy fix, though slightly embarrassing that I’d done nothing to try and achieve it over the past year or so.

      Fairytale! That’s exactly the word I was looking for whilst writing this post. It does seem that way. I’m sure I’ve read that the Dutch are some of the happiest in the world, too – along with the Danes, I believe. Small wonder. Perhaps you should make a point of visiting these flower farms more often – in fact, I insist that you do! 😉

      Ah. Well, that sounds like the best move. I hope it’s thawed out before long, and positively ablaze with creativity! I know it will be. Thanks so much for the e-mail; likewise, if you ever want to reach me elsewhere, you can speak to jl_sutton @
      outlook dot com . Sending those vibes right back atcha, sista. Take care! ❤


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