lightning-02…Aaah! I’ve mentioned my desperation for an impressive thunderstorm a couple of times recently.

Well, yesterday certainly delivered; for most of the afternoon and into the evening we were bombarded with not only heavy rain (or rather angelpiss – hat tip to Gregory!) but frequent flashes of lightning and rumbles of godlike fury. I’ve always been told that a measure for distance on the delay between flash and rumble is one second = one mile. If that’s so, then this was very close, and didn’t seem in any hurry to move along.

lightning-01Such excitement brought out these very quick stormy sketches. Being out on the Broads probably isn’t ideal in an electrical storm – I can say that with some experience – but, from a safe vantage point, the landscape certainly allows a spectacular show. Seeing them light up the dark in an almighty display of power, it’s no wonder our ancestors thought the man upstairs was livid.

I think that’s my fix for now. I wonder if we’ll get anymore this summer? Just as long as they keep those electric tentacles off the windmills, eh…


  1. Rebecca said:

    These are great – so atmospheric! (Wish the storm had made it over to us, but no such luck). 🙂

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    • Jacob said:

      Ah, fingers crossed for next time. Thanks as ever, Rebecca!

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  2. gregoryjosephs said:

    Oh yes! Please spare the windmills! These sketches are absolutely stunning. You capture the mood and drama of the moment perfectly.

    I’ve yet to have a good thunderstorm here this season (at least when I’ve been awake) but continue to hold out hope!

    Thanks for the link. I’ll wish you a bit more angelpiss before the season is out.


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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks so much! They were a lot of fun. And you’re welcome re the link – yesterday as it was, quite a few of those terms came to mind!

      It’s only fair that you now get some excitement to match. Fingers crossed for you!

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  3. itsmyhusbandandme said:

    These almost made me jump!
    JP x

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    • Jacob said:

      Oh, I’ll have to try harder next time! 😉 Going by the audible expletives uttered on the street, I think there was quite a lot of jumping going on. At least it gave the seagulls something to laugh about!


  4. Wow, the lightning really crackles across these images Jacob, and I can practically hear the thunder, they’re full of weather, love it!

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    • Jacob said:

      Ah great to hear, Phil, thanks so much. Certainly they had a lot of weather for inspiration!

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