Wet Dream

dutch-mill-2I thought I’d have another crack at the painting technique touched upon with Wet Edge Mill – namely, the wet edge brush. Naturally, this meant another windmill, but we’ve leapt over to the Netherlands again – where the landscapes are almost exactly the same, yes, but hey, the sky’s different at least! And the mills there are rather pretty, as I’ve doubtless mentioned before. This one is drawn from reference, too, so it’s invited greater detail if not feeling quite so free. I’m afraid I know nothing of the actual location, so we’ll have to forego the usual history lesson. Hear the internet weep! I would rather like to live there, though…

With two wet ones down, perhaps I ought to aim for a ‘medium’, being a bit more daring with colour choices; I’m pretty sure there will be a next time, as the dynamics of the brush are fun to play with, and it has coaxed this out of a seemingly endless dry spell. Yay indeed. Vaarwel!

  1. LOVE this!! Beautiful, Jacob! And titillating title to be sure. It’s so beautiful and the colors are brilliant! Lovely! 😍

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks so much, Charlie! It was a fun way to spend the evening. Haha, titillating titling indeed (that’s quite the tongue-twister!). I have to get the viewers in somehow!

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      • Yeah, I totally can’t say titillating titling, so i’ll just type it and move on. LOL

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  2. Phil Cooper said:

    Lovely Jacob, you do capture the atmosphere of the wetlands , and the greens are great 😊

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    • Jacob said:

      Cheers, Phil! It’s lovely to hear, because I do love that atmosphere so much (gee, could you guess!?)

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      • Phil Cooper said:

        Yes, it really shows, and you’ve nailed it 😊

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