Through the Porthole

After a simple decision in presentation of some cormorants led to a happy diptych, I began thinking more about composition and relationships. From that came a thirst for something not complacently square or 8×10. It’s something I haven’t really considered for a while.

With being out to sea at the moment – circles portholes, naturally!

Going for something crisper and even less literal, I took to Illustrator and warped some stripes, trying, for now, to stay away from colour.

They turned out rather more marble than crashing waves, didn’t they? It’s been refreshing experimentation nonetheless; certainly it seems potential is there, once the tide turns and I can pinpoint a clearer approach. Hard to starboard, as we of the sea probably don’t say all that much. At least I didn’t mention the Jolly Roger.


  1. thatzjazz said:

    hiya! like the b/w graphics a lot!

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    • Jacob said:

      Hey – and many thanks! I love working with just black and white; it’s all you need most of the time.


  2. thatzjazz said:

    I, too think that some of the strongest graphics are the ones stripped down to the essentials 🙂
    btw – where’s siddie?

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    • Jacob said:


      The last time I spoke to Siddie, about a month ago now, she said she needed to take a bit of a break from the internet. I do hope she’s able to start her blog up again someday, though; I really miss her posts.


  3. thatzjazz said:

    so do I!!
    reading her stories is like watching a picture come to life, plus that cheeky side to her narrative….
    if you catch hold of her say ‘hi’ from me!!
    and have a good time yourself!

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    • Jacob said:

      I will do! And likewise 🙂


      • thatzjazz said:

        sure thing

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