Sugar Daddy


It’s quite a departure from the usual Norfolk landscape, with two hundred foot chimneys and silos on the bank of the River Yare. This is Cantley Sugar Factory, which opened in 1912 and has slowly but surely grown into the monster you see today – one of only four sugar beet factories left in the UK.

It has a reputation as something of an eyesore, and that’s understandable. It seems to threaten the puny windpumps across the river, who try their best to defy by facing the other way. It’ll loom over many a photograph. But, having grown up fascinated by the immediate juxtaposition of old and new industry – like gasometers and inexplicably tall chimneys of the old power station – I don’t really mind it. For me, it’s just another piece of the landscape.


That being said, after taking the perceptions into consideration and having looked at some shots of the machinery, I did get a thirst for the excessively industrial; something harsh and overbearing. With that, I found my way to 3D and started randomly throwing steel and piping together:

Less regimented and just a bit of a mess at the moment – perhaps that works in its favour? – but it’s thrown up some exciting ideas. Maybe there’s something in a typeface using these elements? It would be fun to try and construct some monstrous three-dimensional letters, but it seems as though it could look rather sharp in 2D.


I feel like the title of this post promised so much but delivered so little – sorry about that. Perhaps one day I’ll draw a sugar daddy to make amends. It’d be rude not to.

    • Jacob said:

      Ha, what a relief! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks so much, Myriam.

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  1. Rebecca said:

    Jacob, I love industrial scenes, and yours have hit the button. Nice job! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. These painting and graphics are superb, Jacob…what a contrast in styles. I think a pipe style typeface is a good idea.

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks again, Sharon – I enjoyed the contrast, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. moorezart said:

    The only thing missing is Fleetwood Mac’s version playing in the background!

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    • Jacob said:

      Haha – if I’d known it, I’d have tried to weave it in somewhere, I’m sure. ๐Ÿ˜› What a cool song!

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      • moorezart said:

        The drive and rhythm of it, the words and the barely audible horn honking part way through just slay me! Obscure for most a huge favorite of mine. I couldn’t resist bringing it up! Have a stupendous weekend/week!

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