Greeting the Season


It is now acceptable to talk about Christmas. November departed with snow – just a dusting, but it doesn’t take much for me to get overexcited!

What with that and the mounting urgency to get some Christmas cards sorted, I found my way to this. There isn’t much more in the way of rationale, but who needs one at this time of year? The main attraction for me was the sky, and in fact I didn’t really intend for the landscape to even be there, or at least not one so populated – it rather pushed its way in. I find churches difficult and often frustrating from reference, so dreaming one up was perhaps both ludicrous and inspired (aha spire). The snowy conifers more than make up for any torment the tower caused.

After Thursday’s tease, I’m hoping that, just one day this winter, I’ll have an excuse to get the scarf and gloves out.

    • Jacob said:

      Hello Paddy, thanks very much!


    • Jacob said:

      Thanks so much, Sharon. I saw a similar pinkish sky on a card design and had to give it a go myself!

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  1. Bill Fufkin said:

    Your painting makes me want to reach for my scarf, so I would say that`s a job well done. B

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  2. Thea said:

    Lovely! Excited for snow myself but winter is taking its sweet time in my part of the world. 😐

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks, Thea! I hear that; autumn was quite peculiar here, and incredibly mild on the whole. The snow was a bit of a surprise!

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      • Thea said:

        A nice surprise!

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      • Jacob said:

        Absolutely! Hopefully you’ll get one soon, too 🙂

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  3. Robert Hall said:

    Fantastic artwork, Jacob!

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  4. gregoryjosephs said:

    Ah, we’re of the same mind here. There is a chance of a dusting this weekend, and I know if it happens, I’ll just hunger for more.

    I’ll wish us both a blizzard!

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    • Jacob said:

      Ah, that’s great – and yes, let’s hope the dusting is just the beginning!

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      • gregoryjosephs said:

        I’m already doing my snow dance (and listening to ’50 Words for Snow’ by Kate Bush). 😉

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      • Jacob said:

        Aw, yes! I do love some Kate. If we get our wish, December Will Be Magic Again! 😉

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