Twenty-Six Spins #1: R is for Circular


Several of my blogging friends are undertaking daily challenges at the moment. I’ve been thinking about 36 Days of Type for a while – it certainly appeals to me, seeming like a fun way of getting lettering ideas out quickly. With no restrictions, though, I found my motivation and confidence would recede, to the point of casting the idea aside for a couple of weeks. Rinse and repeat. Then, over the weekend, something dawned on me.

It’s been quite a wheel since I’ve been able to bust out the wheely funny puns. Yes! Dusted off and given a snazzy makeover, the Wheel of Time is back, re-purposed for this challenge, Twenty-Six Spins. Random spins will pick both the letter and direction for each day. As such, this probably won’t be any ordinary alphabet challenge – we’re at the mercy of the wheel. Let’s hope we don’t get the same letter and theme every day, eh? That would be hilarious.

I’m not sure how long I will allow myself to spend on these – undoubtedly some styles will take longer than others, but I think there’s something to be said for keeping things simple and brisk, just following the gut and seeing what happens. This type of exercise should be good for that. I would say I’m not putting any pressure on myself to crack it, but I have already started a spreadsheet and set reminders, so I’m giving it a good go!

The shots you see above were from the first whirl of the wheel. Circular R did not strike me as an especially friendly first run. Perhaps the wheel was enjoying its retirement after all! Not to be cowed, I ran to Illustrator and tried to create something within a polar grid:

This didn’t really work to begin with, and compounding my frustration was the fact that so many other relatively interesting characters seemed to appear almost without trying. R proved tricky in both uppercase and lowercase; perilously close to becoming a C, I tried to open it up as much as possible. I’m sure it would look more distinct as part of a complete, flowing set.

It’s all quite exciting, though, and with some interesting spaces on the wheel I’m looking forward to the next spin. Let’s see how long I can stay on schedule!


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