Twenty-Six Spins #4: X is for Distorted


Distorted is another I was looking forward to. While I could have taken an X and just bent it out of shape, I took the opportunity to take it in the ‘glitch art’ direction. The outcome is apparently a homage to the early days of Freeview.


The final X is cut into rows, each of them transmitting a distorted, offset segment of the letter and distributed randomly with each frame. I did try some other compositions for the grid, using columns and squares:

Some nice looking Ks in there! The bright colour scheme was what I originally went with, but I chose to distort that by inverting and desaturating, muddying it up slightly. Lots more that could be done with this, should it come up again!

  1. Love these designs Jacob, the bold shapes and colours are exciting and satisfying in equal measure 😊

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks Phil, I enjoy this glitchy stuff, so long as it’s not when you’re trying to watch TV. Saying that, sometimes it’s probably an improvement!

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  2. Thanks for showing your work in progress. Graphic design is foreign to my brain,but I’ve been trying to become more familiar with it.

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    • Jacob said:

      Ah, no problem. Design is all about playing around, and the results that start to emerge mid-process is where it’s most exciting.

      This sort of challenge, managing a subject and theme, would be great if you’re looking to get into graphics, by the way. I’m mainly doing this to wake myself up 😛

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      • After seeing this challenge of yours, I immediately bookmarked it to remind myself to do something similar! I love exercises like this, they are super helpful.

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      • Jacob said:

        Great! I’m especially glad to have done this, in that case. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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