Twenty-Six Spins #6: H is for Pattern


With today’s spin, it was time for some (hopefully) fun patterns! I’ve not really indulged in pattern for a while, so I knew immediately that this would be… interesting.

Trying to be succinct proved largely uninspired!


At this point I learnt a bit about Illustrator’s pattern capabilities, which I’ve rarely if ever employed in a near decade of using the software. I wish I’d known about the path merging and cropping tools in previous projects, too! Cropping some artwork and defining a pattern will allow you to use it as you would a regular fill, while maintaining its size. This means you can quite easily generate a seamless pattern:

I thought that looked just a bit naff, though, so I dialled it down and reattempted with curves and circles. What we have now is some wallpaper from 1973, apparently – not naff in the slightest!

This was the most challenging yet, by quite a way – as you can probably see from the developments, I seemed to blunder around all over the shop with not too many exciting results, and grew a tad frustrated for that. I feel like I’ve learnt something, however – that Pattern Tool should open up some possibilities for a second attempt.

    • Jacob said:

      Thanks again! I learnt a fair bit with this one.


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