Twenty-Six Spins #19: I is for De Stijl


Today’s spin compelled me to make reacquaintance with my old high school pal, Piet Mondrian. It’s been years!

The De Stijl movement is characterised by abstraction and simplicity, striving to express a dynamism of geometry and colour in the purest form. There are an awful lot of developments to go with this one, because a De Stijl I was something I found much harder than anticipated – it proved a pudding all too easy to over-egg!

I did briefly consider 3D, playing with cubes as a nod to the architectural transposition of the movement; perhaps that’s something to focus on if it comes up again:

Back to 2D grids:

Much of it is possibly too iterative to qualify for the theme – hence the drastic reduction and almost reverting to the beginning in the final form – but there were some interesting compositions forming along the way.


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