A Misty Murmuration


It’s not often the windmills are upstaged in the Norfolk skies, but a murmuration of starlings should do it (yes, it’s a murmuration, not a menstruation; Chrome, please take note). A bewitching spectacle that can involve anywhere from a few dozen to a few million birds, it is primarily a defence mechanism against predators. It seems it has a similar effect on them as it does us – the hypnotic sight of countless starlings twisting and turning in unison makes a catch virtually impossible.

This was really just a bid to shake up the nine hundredth or so Norfolk and/or windmill landscape (not that I apologise for that). I tried to capture this phenomenon a year or two ago, but never posted it as I wrote it off as, well, dreadful. Looking at it now, though, I kinda like the landscape, so I’m showing it for that at least – and, if the starlings have taught me anything, there’s strength in numbers.


  1. f0509c said:

    When I was in Slovakia after the surgery, I was at home all the time. I did not go out because I had a swollen face as a boxer. So I often looked through the window to the sky and the mountains close to Bratislava. There I saw millions of birds several times. I never made a photo. They were faster than I … Camilla

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks, Camilla. Nice that they put on a show for you! I remember this happening directly overhead once, on my walk back from town – it was quite the experience (not least for the, er, ‘downpour’ that came with them, which, thankfully, I avoided!)

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks, JP. I imagine it happens a lot out on the marshes but it has been a while since I last caught it.

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