Millionaire 2019

With all the stuff I’ve done on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire previously, you’re probably not surprised in the least to see this, an attempt at modelling the revival set.


Like most game shows these days, it’s predominantly spotlights and LED screens. The video floor replacing the old ‘bowl’ was something I was initially unsure of, but they proved me wrong – it’s used to great effect throughout the show.


There might not be all the glass and shine of the predecessor, but there are those video panels. I’d done some basic video integration with my Million Pound Drop screens, but this required rather a lot more. The results are somewhat basic, mostly cobbled together from previous or abandoned projects; it’s not nearly so impressive as the real deal, but it’s nice to know it works.



I’m pleasantly surprised to be enjoying the new Millionaire as much as I am. I thought it was finished a decade or so ago, so the fact that it feels even remotely special again is testament to not Jeremy Clarkson but the overall production. The show is back in March, I understand; let’s hope ITV keep it as an occasional event, stripped over a few days, and aren’t tempted to water it down (no celebrities!!) or overexpose it. As it is, it should be an attraction for some time.



  1. I’m in awe of your Millionaire set, your digital art is so awesome. Happy Sunday Jacob.

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks so much, Sharon – thanks a million, in fact!

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  2. itsmyhusbandandme said:

    I can almost hear the music. They are doing late night re runs at the weekend.

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    • Jacob said:

      Good to hear! Yeah, I saw those. Challenge were showing episodes from 2000 recently! I was both impressed and embarrassed to actually remember a few of the contestants.


  3. CuteLarva said:

    Hey there.
    I have followed how this studio model evolved after a forum post about it. It’s truly marvelous. It’s like a musician perfectly transcribing a song he heard on the radio, but way grander. The pure dedication of restarting and evolving this project over such a time span is a rare sight, glad to have found this blog.
    Would it be possible to use this model in a student assignment? For our economics class we are doing an exam-preparation for younger semesters in the style of WWTBAM, with our Professor being the host. We would be really honored to use a 3D model of such high caliber to make it truly awesome. Never to be released outside campus, non-commercially obviously.

    PS: Guess my previous comment got eaten by a hungry larva.


    • Jacob said:

      Hi there. I’m afraid the project isn’t available for download, sorry.


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