Holy Pixels, Batman!


In looking at turning people into a bunch of pixels, I found my way to Batman rather quickly. More interesting than most people, right? Especially the Joker.

There are certainly plenty of old games from which to take inspiration. To that end, I should give sizable credit to the Batman Doom mod for the above, as my Joker sprites here are inspired by the model in that game – my attempt was to bring him into 1989, and the more chequered Jack Nicholson incarnation. That will always be the quintessential Joker look for me.


And, to follow up, a modification in the style of the ZX Spectrum and the bloody frustrating Batman The Movie; somewhat surprisingly, the Joker himself is only ever seen in the final seconds of the game, where the player must thwart his attempt to get away in true Batman style: murder. Maybe this is how he might have looked with a prominent role? Or, maybe, he’d have looked a lot better than that. Ah well!


“I’m Batman.”

“No, I’m Batman.”

You can’t have one without the other! Here’s Batman, in both classic and 1989 attire, achieved almost exclusively via pallette swap. This one is essentially another character for WrestleFest as it uses the same base, only I’ve had a go at beefing the thighs up somewhat. Perhaps the torso could do with similar treatment, especially on the Keaton side, but this was really experimenting with swapping colours.

Again, this was lots of fun. I may have a go at some of the other Bat nemeses in the future, and perhaps even Robin, though I’ll have to think of a different title for that one now.

    • Jacob said:

      Cheers Neil, and great to hear of the Maze involvement, whatever it may be!


  1. P.S. I am also involved with the 3rd series of Crystal Maze now, I had an email this week. I’ve been told some good/as well as bad things. I’m sadly not allowed to divulge anything though!

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    • Jacob said:

      Ha, cheers Steve – I threw in the Speccy version just for you 😉


      • Perfect, and it really could be from that era. Very effective.

        I had a look to see if I could force the Autodesk Sketchbook app on my phone to the 256×192 resolution but it wouldn’t go that low.

        So then I went on to see if I could find an app that I could draw with, ideally one that would have the restriction of colour clash as well. It turns out there’s quite a huge following for creating ZX art, one database had over 8,000 pictures. Funny that it would take less than a minute to prepare and download all of them 😀

        Disappointly the closest I found on a quick search was an app which uses the camera to generate ZX Spectrum pictures. Predictably they are of course quite perfect and like the thousands of Instagram posts of so-called digital artists that are effectively just tracing on their tablets, they’re too good, too easily achieved and ultimately limited fun. People seem to forget that harder won gains are so much sweeter 😏

        I’ll have another look for a simple pixel restricted drawing app for the phone. It’ll be fun to do on the train and no-one will suspect a thing unlike if I get out some watercolours…

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      • Jacob said:

        I just had a look and found these on Google Play; I haven’t tried them myself, but they seem to have gone down well so might be worth a look:



        GIMP is quite a popular program for use on a computer – regarded as a free Photoshop substitute (in that it has layers and filters and stuff). Hope you find something, anyway!

        I think the only way I’m going to be able to replicate the colour clash in Photoshop is to split a 256×192 canvas into 8×8 squares (which I did after we spoke the other night; my Joker was drawn on it) and just manually check that there aren’t more than two colours in each square. Should be fun!!


      • Many thanks Jacob, I’ve installed them and will report back 👍🏻

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