“Used up, worn out, in a state of near imbecility.”

Yes, that’ll do. Thanks to Susie Dent for that one. It’s a corker of a word, a euphemism that sounds like it’s plucked straight from Norfolk dialect – I can totally hear my grandfather saying he was dumfungled after a hectic day. Well, he or Willy Wonka. That’s probably the first time I’ve compared the two, but come to think of it granddad always did have an awful lot of chocolate in the house. And he liked purple.

The way this is going I think only supports the validity of the word.

Anyway, here are some rainy landscapes – one oldie and a newie (?). It’s been rather wet here, lately. The new one is above, and an addition of sorts to this digital arboretum coming together here lately – and, really, I just wanted to try some headlights, lighting the dark – and it can indeed be very dark if you’re out in the sticks here. Below, we have a leftover from a 2018 post, depicting Caister Castle in what, at the time, was a yearning for a much-needed summer downpour. I’m not sure why I dropped this sketch at the time – it’ll probably come to me just after I publish this. Well, I am dumfungled, after all! Right now, I just hope sanity will reign...


  1. Dumfungled – what a brilliant word! Very Willy Wonka like indeed. Love the moody rainy castle art there. Evokes those stormy and wet novels such as Rebecca, Wuthering Heights, and Waterland.

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    • Jacob said:

      Yeah, I love it. Susie Dent’s twitter is great if you like those obscure words – she finds so many gems which could do with a resurgence. And, on the subject of resurgence, chuffed to hear that the castle oldie was worth posting after all. Cheers!

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