When I started working on the Super Loop on Top called Colorado, I realised I was probably going to have to create some appropriate scenery for the backdrop. Hence, deserts, rock structures and mountain peaks were the order of the day, with a splash of waves and rapids to suit the water jets on the ride… a feature I ultimately didn’t include anyway. The ensuing studies and developments were, suitably, quite a rocky bunch; as per usual, it didn’t take me long to go completely off-brief. Here are some of the diversions that were taken.

The turquoise sky piece did actually find its way into the ride, adorning the control/ticket booth. Chiefly because I like turquoise.

Really, the only reason any of the above have made it onto my blog is because I transplanted the circuitry from my previous post and started concocting a similar landscape. The result – a series of cyber mountain ranges. I rather appreciate the dystopian, Doom-esque aesthetic. For me, they’re the peak.

A change of pace from the Norfolk Broads, anyhow.

  1. That ride looked truly horrific, glad I haven’t had lunch yet.

    Excellent designs as usual, the top one reminded me of the original Star Trek series for no particular reason I can think of. Maybe the colour scheme.

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks again! Haha, my animation is a bit janky on that ride, but yes, it looked like quite a rough ride. It would not be kind to you.

      The top was so weird for me I just had to include it. I was getting a Martian vibe from it, which is Doom yet again, I guess. Doom on the mind lately.


      • The same motion sickness that prevents me from playing Doom also means those rides are out of the question.

        Oddly enough though any roller coaster is fair game and enjoyable, rather than requiring hospitalisation.

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      • Jacob said:

        That is quite odd. Maybe because a roller coaster is – in my limited experience – generally a smoother ride? ‘Flat’ rides can bump and throw you around a bit.

        I remember you saying you couldn’t play Doom before and I looked it up; lots of people had problems with it. I assumed it was to do with the pace of action, but actually the biggest issue seemed to be the ‘bobbing’ motion of the player. You’d think there would be a way to mod that out.

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      • Yeah it’s the bobbing motion mainly. Remember Wolfenstein? First time I ever saw a game like that, played it for ooh half an hour. Got up off the chair feeling queasy and fell flat on my face 😄

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      • Jacob said:

        Yikes! Yes, I read posts in threads that were along the same lines, and about Wolfenstein as well as Doom. Crazy that it can do that to someone. I imagine newer games with their motion blur and glare plastered on top of everything are even worse.

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      • I’d love to play the latest Star Wars game with a VR headset but never gonna happen. Even hardened players struggle for a bit when out in space when there is no up or down.

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  2. f0509c said:

    When I saw this post from you, the first picture I thought that is sliced cake. My whole family has a birthdays in October, November and December. So, we have chocolate cake at home and I’m going to have a piece of it.

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    • Jacob said:

      Haha I like that – enjoy the cake! It’s my dad’s birthday today, but tragically I don’t think we have any cake.

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