A Bit of Grime

I’ve done lots of pixel art, to the extent that it now seems to have become that thing that I do. While it’s pretty restrictive in some ways – not in a negative way, either – it’s not often that I’ve gone down to the extremes of just two colours with the medium. This grimy urban scene is not so much 8-bit as 1-bit.

With the liberation of not having to worry about selecting colours or palettes, it was an altogether enjoyable exercise, as indeed most design exercises are; the less preliminary panic, the better. The only frustrations came in the nighttime conversion, with the street lights not coming out particularly well. But I do enjoy the side-by-side visual.

This being said, I did use the darkest and lightest colours from the legendary Game Boy here, as well as its screen dimensions. Hopefully my attempts at dithering would give a satisfying result were it to be shown on the handheld.

It rather forces a more stylised approach this way, and I like that. I need that! I’m intrigued to try it again and see how I could get on with a more rural setting. If anything good comes of it, you’ll be the first to know!

  1. For Tyeth said:

    Oh how I miss programming my ZX81 and Sinclair Spectrum computers to make images like this. Yours are much more accomplished than mine ever were…but I do remember using Stippling (alternating the pixels’ colour between two shades) to create “secondary” colours for shading areas that tricked the eye.
    p.s. and I love the way you signed the night-time version!

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    • Jacob said:

      Ah yes! I think it was The Pulp Librarian on Twitter who recently posted a book from back in the day with codes for drawing celebrity portraits. Whilst at uni I tried to draw the Channel 4 logo on a Spectrum emulator; it was challenging to say the least. Thank gawd for Photoshop…
      Thanks, FT!

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  2. For Tyeth said:

    Hi again, I remember those sort of books especially the mini game editions. I’d spend an hour or two (usually more) typing in the code/program to create a “Snake” or “Space Invaders” game then someone would knock the table my Spectrum was on causing it to crash! Or you’d get a Syntax Error and not be able to work out why. I did enjoy BASIC and cassette tape data storage.
    And I hope you don’t fall out with me but I can’t afford Photoshop so I use GIMP quite a bit😁

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    • Jacob said:

      Yeah, I’ve heard of things like that happening. Disheartening after all those hours! Our dog used to knock the Master System out of whack so I’m wondering if he ever did the same with our Speccy. More than likely!

      Haha, GIMP is good too! It was my go-to before getting Photoshop.

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    • Jacob said:

      Indeed, it does work wonders on that little Game Boy screen.

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