Wheel of Wonder

Round and round we go, for it’s something of a circular journey here in blog land. Is it? I’m not sure. But, here we have a Ferris wheel, which certainly does go round and round. I tried one way, way back in January 2016 which looked to be a whopper of a thing, but this time I’ve opted for a smaller, more rudimentary model, the likes of which you might have seen at the town fair years ago, or at a vintage fair today. At least there’s a bit more to the scene than five years ago, and, yes, I have worked out how make the chairs rotate in sync with the wheel without them going upside-down. Progress.

I went with the name Wonder Wheel, which I saw given to a real-life version somewhere but can’t place. Maybe it was a common name. It certainly seems fitting to me; few rides are as wondrous or iconic as the big wheel.

Vintage very much the word of the day here, hence these black-and-white renders, perhaps taken in those days of yore when the sun went gone down and the big bulbs started to light up the rotating wheel. It’s quite a magical sight and one which encapsulates so much of that atmosphere about the fairground which I love. Wonder wheel, indeed.

  1. You mentioned about the not going upside down. So are you modelling these things as objects in a CAD program and then getting something to render the lights, etc. All this time and I’ve never thought to ask…

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    • Jacob said:

      All modelling, lighting, animating and rendering is done in the same program (Cinema 4D). The chairs are in a radial cloner and I can use an offset measurement to animate that in sync with the wheel frame.

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      • Well that sounds quite complex. You had me at “All” 😁

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      • Jacob said:

        Haha, yup. It has taken me nine years to get even to this point!

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      • I’ve just looked at the Cinema website – that is something else, I can’t even do a half convincing 2D picture in procreate in under 10 hours let alone 3D or then 4D. Even if I gave up work and spent every day I don’t have enough hours in my lifetime for that.

        Pass me a brush, I’ve got a monkey to paint 👨🏻‍🎨

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      • Jacob said:

        Yeah, it’s a crazy piece of software. My version is from 2011; I dread to think what it’s capable of these days. I used to think like that, but it has been quite fun to teach myself at my own very slow pace. I doubt there are many people making 3D Millionaire or Countdown sets, either 😉

        Have fun with the monkey business 🙂


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