Tri Flowers

Remember those art lessons in first school where you’d be given sheets of tissue paper to cut out flower shapes, and have to stick them to sugar paper using those glue spreaders? Wasn’t it always a mess, with the tissue paper getting all crumpled if not outright ripped? Maybe that was just me? Should I stop with the questions already? What is this?

Well anyway, this geometric exercise was reminiscent of those days, just without the heady whiff of PVA. I wanted to do something with flowers and spring again, but quite where or why the triangle fetish emerged I have no idea. Still, I’m always willing to give new things a go and what we have here is me just drawing triangles in rather a carefree manner (for me at least) to give some semblance of a flowerhead.

Of course, then came the onslaught of Photoshop effects! Similar to my previous spring exploration, mostly dropping old pieces or textures over and under the drawings. Some flower power vibes coming through here, especially with the pink.

When I got to a rose – or at least that’s what I’m thinking it is – and found I was thinking about composition too much, I decided it was time to call it a day. But it was interesting. The layered outlines below are something, though. I think this could be the way to go in future.

Triangles are fun. Not as good as hexagons, but still rather neat.

  1. For Tyeth said:

    Triangles are cool and in engineering are one of the strongest shapes for building with (because they are incompressible – any stress on one edge/side is offset or supported by the remaining two). I definitely saw Roses too (particularly the first image in red, pink with blue background)..but I really like the final image a lot just by using two layers you gave the flowers a 3D look (the one on the right almost looks shadowed).

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks! Yes, that makes a lot of sense re triangles in construction. It is a versatile shape and really fun to play with.

      The final image is my favourite too, for that layered effect and also it’s quite rare for me to use just outlines, so it’s refreshing in that respect. πŸ™‚

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  2. Ha, total nostalgia rush! I’d forgotten all about those craft lessons at school with the tissue paper and PVA, and those white plastic spreaders – you described them all perfectly. Wonderful artworks and colors there good sir, and a blast from the past!

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    • Jacob said:

      Haha, those were the days, huh? Those spreaders were always stuck together in the pot! And I remember someone asking if the glue was mayonnaise πŸ˜‚ I don’t envy the teachers having to tidy up after all that glue and poster paint has been flying about.

      Glad you like these! I normally shy away from flowers as I struggle with them but thought this would be an interesting approach. I think that hot pink came from you too, so thanks for that!

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      • Lol at mayonnaise πŸ˜‚ What a mess, and memories too of jam jars containing upturned wooden paint brushes left to dry, and art room sinks big enough to take a bath in! And those plastic palettes which no matter how hard you scrubbed you could never get rid of the paint.
        Cool the hot pink was inspired by one of my arts 😎😎

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