Ditherless Cottage

Ditherless is, of course, a small village in central Norfolk.

(Gotcha! It’s not really.)

But rejoice, for here is the “quaint cottage” I mentioned in my previous post – I think it’s rather quaint enough, don’t you? This was attempted in a similarly simple way as those trees, trying to avoid dithering and instead simply layering colour to suggest shades and highlights. It still took a few hours, but far fewer than it might had I been hatching and checkerboarding all over the place to capture variation in tone, like I have in previous pixel parties. There’s nothing to say I won’t revert to those methods in the future – or perhaps adopt a mixture of the two – as always, it depends on the subject. But it’s interesting to note how they inform the overall style.

I wouldn’t mind a cottage like this, just saying.

    • Jacob said:

      Thanks, Charlie. Me too, though I shudder to think how much a cottage like this would cost! Might need to win Who Wants To Be A Millionaire a few times!

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  1. For Tyeth said:

    Hello there, I used to “enjoy” pixel parties when I started designing lightsabers. You see I used an online lightsaber designer offered by a custom lightsaber manufacturer named Saberforge. You picked various parts and the builder lined them up then when you had “built” your dream saber you could order the parts and actually make a replica. The builder had a “Snapshot” function that created preview pictures of your design and I used these to display my creations. But I took it a step further…custom lightsabers are usually made of aluminium and can be painted or powdercoated so I began photo editing preview images from the design app and created special character inspired colour schemes. It was a lot of work because the preview images were poor resolution and I had to “paint” multiple colour layers and sometimes I had to paint them pixel by pixel! If interested you can see a short article about my process here:

    Luckily Blender 3D allows me to create my own bespoke parts and embed material textures and colours into the model plus they are interactive. I have to say your Ditherless pics look better than some of my early stuff.

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    • Jacob said:

      Well kudos to you, that sounds and looks like crazy and frustrating work! Neat results though. And yes, textures in 3D software are a godsend like that! I remember when I first played with reflective textures. It was so cool to get the effect without having to draw it all!

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks! Haha, the pixels might be a bit bumpy I guess, but all part of its charm 😉

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    • Jacob said:

      Thank you sir. It is an exciting development, especially with the greenery. Now to try and apply it to other things!

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  2. It works well without the dither, as an alternative, slightly ‘cleaner’ looking if that makes any sense?

    Now, the important question. Will it be available to book for one week in July 2022 and is it dog friendly?

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    • Jacob said:

      Yes, I agree.

      Haha, well it’s always open to you, of course. 😉 I’ll leave the Spectrum set up for the inevitable rainy day(s).

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