Incomplete Titles

I was asked to take one of my Countdown set models and animate the classic opening camera shot, where it would pan from the audience around to the set. Always one to give the people what they want, I went ahead and did it, with the 1994 model. And, always one to go overboard, I included an old attempt at reimagining the show’s opening titles from the same era. The fact that they aren’t finished, I fear, tells you all you need know. Title sequences are harder than they look! But I thought I’d just include the last few seconds to feed into this new render.

Countdown used to get new titles every few years, but the current set have been around for almost ten years, likely for budget reasons. I would say they’re due a refresh, so if anyone out there is adept with animation and fancies a project, why not have a go?

  1. Disappointed, it’s full of ghosts clapping – not even a single pixelated wrestler in the audience.

    Joking of course, these things you do are rather amazing. Since trying to be an artist from about 9 years ago my observation skills have improved, as you’d expect.

    Some of those observations being titles to programmes, adverts and even those little segments in-between. It’s funny because previously and like 99% of viewers it’s just ‘there’, I had no consideration for the planning and work that must go into all of them. Even now with some experience (not in animation) I look in amazement and think it’d take me weeks to be maybe halfway to creating one frame, let alone seconds or minutes.

    Whereas before I was blissfully ignorant, now I’m impressed and ignorant.

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    • Jacob said:

      The pixelated wrestlers and I need some time apart 😄 Yes, the ghost clapping is a bit weird, but it was even more awkward with silence!

      Thank you, kind sir. Yes, same – going back and seeing concepts in work which was previously just ‘there’ is kind of satisfying. I do think Millionaire taught me a lot about certain devices from a young age; it was such a slick production in every respect. The original Channel 4 idents with the coloured blocks fascinated me as a kid, too.

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  2. Ha, that’s really cool, Jacob The pan is a treat, and the ghost clapping strangely works – I watched it again and imagined it as a set dry run / rehearsal with the audio added for the benefit of the production team.

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