It’s decidedly less spiky than my last typographical effort, but not completely without a point – well, one hopes.

This was another speedy task, with only a couple of hours to make an alphabet. Don’t let my enthusiasm fool you; it remains a fun and invigorating challenge. With those time constraints in mind, I tried to stay simple and decided to create letters on a 3×3 grid, connecting pieces together. I set myself one rule: that each character should be diverse enough to accommodate at least one of each piece – a straight, a slant and a curve.

The result is a hybrid face of both smooth and rigid forms, and hopefully that’s enough to carry it. The systematic nature meant that the project lent itself to the iterative process, with pieces being substituted in and out and creating recognisable variants. Then, it was just a case of choosing my favourite. But I could have sat switching parts for much longer than I did. As fun as that would be, having the time limit makes everything more immediate, quite literally.

As my favourite school calculator used to say, it’s hip2b₂.

  1. evanmusiic said:

    Wow! I like the T. Any chance you could post some stuff from your YouTube?

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks. Such as? I usually do if it’s worth writing about. I will probably make one about Countdown Throwdown later today.


  2. This reminds me of a Rubik’s Snake. Probably got the name wrong but do you remember those, came about after the Rubik’s cube but I don’t remember it having any challenge as such, other than making shapes with it.

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    • Jacob said:

      Haven’t seen one in ages but I do remember! I think it was just about making shapes, as you say.


      • Making a dog or a crocodile were my favourites 😁

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