Spin Again

Wheel of Fortune!

Yes, it’s a bit of a throwback for me, but then what isn’t at this point of dragging Jaywalks along? People who have been here for a while may recall an old wheel model being the star of more than one art series, most prominently so in Twenty-Six Spins, where it determined the prompts for each day. That was three and half years ago now. Let that sink in. Three and a half years. And still I haven’t got around to doing it again.

This project was nothing more than me taking the old girl for another spin and giving her a fresh coat of paint, in line with the first series of Wheel of Fortune on ITV, back in 1988. The decadence of the tubes surrounding the wheel, flashing in sync with each spin felt like a fun aesthetic to try and recreate. Felt like. Inspiration also came from YouTube recommending me videos of people showing off their home-made wheels – actual, physical wheels which are much more impressive than this. See here.

Incidentally, Wheel at the time offered some of the largest major prizes on television (£4,000 or a cool eighties car) and it would hold its own in that regard for ten years or so; only when Who Wants To Be A Millionaire came along did Wheel start to look somewhat naff and, sure enough, by 2000 it was hidden away in daytime. By 2002 it was all over, bar the odd filler repeat. Though not exactly a huge favourite of mine – I enjoyed playing the Nintendo game with my sister more than the actual show – I remain surprised that it hasn’t been brought back at some point in the last twenty years. What’s stopping them? Everything else has come back.

However, if we’re seriously talking American game shows that deserve another shot here… Jeopardy please please please, but do it properly for heaven’s sake.

If you were wondering what the answer is, here you go and you’re welcome.

  1. This isn’t the first time you’ve introduced me to seeing a singer, as opposed to just hearing the oh-so-familiar song from my childhood. Thank you for that 🙂

    I don’t remember the gameshow but the clacking sounds are familiar, though these wheels are used all over the place these days.

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    • Jacob said:

      Ah, you’re welcome! Fantastic singer and song.

      I always liked the sound of the wheel. It’s weirdly satisfying.

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  2. Adam Withey said:

    On the wheel of fortune, if I move into round three, it’s a phrase with an apostrophe!
    The second half of the third round, we are revealing more letters and I give me £100 when I solve this puzzle.
    A__NDA _AMB
    It has two words and they make up a TV host and it’s a girl. What two word TV host makeup the phrase “A WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING”? Answer right now!


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