A Little of Yule

Brrr! Or not so brrr to be accurate, as it’s relatively mild here, the thick fog not really creating much of a marshmallow world or winter wonderland. There’s certainly not much of a chill placed in my heart; indeed, there’s something special about these days as we count down to the main event. A cosiness sets in at some indeterminate point. Possibly when all the shopping is done.

As the time to put together a Christmas card drew ever closer, I kept telling myself that, this time, I was going to try something more traditional; slower. A nice landscape drawing, maybe, or an intricate voxel model. Well, that turned out didn’t it? It’s always the way. There must be an angel, quite a mischievous one, playing tricks on me, but far from being a thorn in my side, they guided me to something different. I enjoyed it, and I guess that’s all that matters.

A peaceful, safe and happy holiday season to you all. Fill the bowl, roll out the barrel, and sweet dreams of your perfect winter wonderland.

    • Jacob said:

      Thanks, Tierney! Me too! Hearing that song sent me on a bit of a Eurythmics binge for the first time in a while, twas a good time indeed!

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  1. Clive said:

    Have a wonderful Christmas! It was kind of Annie and the Eurythmics to co-write the post with you πŸ˜‚πŸŽ…

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    • Jacob said:

      You certainly can’t! Thanks, TVTA. I hope it’s a vintage Christmas for you! 🧑

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  2. Spira said:

    Yule, Vikings and a glass of Highland Park!
    Best wishes for the holidays Jacob!

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