Busting Blocks

Busting creative blocks that is, or at least attempting to, for here we have another game show title sort-of-recreation-but-not-good-enough-to-be-exact-so-let’s-call-it-a-redux. And that’s Blockbusters. I’ve gone with the original, lesser-remembered sequence, used from 1983 until around 1986, when the more famous metropolis with flying hexagons came in.

Aside from adding some extra pink glow and turning the “stream of knowledge” into some trippy tunnel – and with different nuggets of said knowledge – not a huge amount has changed. This one was good fun – frustrating in places, but it seems like every 3D project goes that way to a degree. I’ve learnt some nifty new shortcuts on this and the Countdown attempt, so they’re not completely pointless (now there’s a game show you’ll never have to put up with here!)

As far as I can tell, there aren’t any screw-ups in this one, either, so that’s something to hand jive about. I did have to pull the original version from YouTube because of some horrible flicker on the aforementioned glow, but that seems to have been fixed.

For reference, comparison or just sheer nostalgia, here’s the first ever episode of (UK) Blockbusters, from almost forty years ago.

  1. This is amazing, evidently we’re dealing with someone who is detail obsessive – which is to be congratulated.

    I spotted my rubber keyed Spectrum!! It may be decades since the first Blockbusters but it also seems ages since I said I was going to paint that. This year, it will happen. For definite. Maybe.

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks! Haha, you’re not the first to say that. Of course I think I’m a bit lax with that sort of thing. If only I were moderately patient, just imagine!

      Had to throw the Speccy in. I would say get on with it but I’m hardly Mr. Productive myself at the moment and I can imagine it would be a lot more fun to play than paint.

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      • My Speccy is a long time dead but I’m keeping it for sentimental reasons. I’m doing about 2-3 hours everyday on this art habit at the moment so it’s bound to get swept up in that creative torrent at some point.

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      • Jacob said:

        You’re putting me to shame, Steve! Good stuff, hope to see it soon.

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