I may not have been posting much since completing the Twenty-Six Spins challenge – indeed, by that, I mean I haven’t posted at all. But I have been keeping busy, on a daily basis no less, with several pieces, and hopefully these will be ready to show soon. I’ve certainly felt more awake creatively since the challenge, such that this exercise was my idea of letting off some steam. Hopefully, it’ll last. I pushed it enough while it was running, but I’ll say one more time: do give it a whirl. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


You could say that the aforementioned series was a lifeline for me – see what I did there? I found myself playing with my Who Wants To Be A Millionaire model from earlier in the year, with a view to bringing its nineties complexion up to date – well, 2010 anyway. There wasn’t much to like about the series from that year, which introduced a ‘big bad clock’ for questions and essentially killed the show. They did, however, use more pink and purple around the set, and that’s never a bad thing. I’ve dialled that up here, and though I’ll probably always favour the original set, I’m enjoying the heightened neon-retro feel here.

The new curvy columns aren’t great, but will do and shouldn’t be hard to tweak. What does bother me somewhat is the bumpy decoration on the backing panels, not looking particularly accurate; wouldn’t you know it, a simple tweak made it vastly better – a shame this came after the eight-hour render session, huh. Still, as its essentially the same set as that of my first Millionaire attempt in 2016, it’s pleasing to see a much more accurate reconstruction overall.

It was great to see Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Win Enough for The Parking Meter While They’re In Here back last month with Jeremy Clarkson at the helm. Not being a massive fan, knowing his reputation and having never run into Top Gear, I wasn’t really sure what to expect of Jezza. As it happens, I was pleasantly surprised; he was very funny and, though he mocked, you could tell he really wanted the contestants to do well – even when it was clear they probably weren’t. His appointment gave Millionaire an air of unpredictability and intrigue that it probably hasn’t had since 2000. I gather it was a success, holding its audience across the series, so hopefully we’ll get another run soon, since that would mean all the more opportunity for stuff like this!





Yet another double letter and double theme – I should probably think of a cleverer way of titling these should I have another go! With both V and fiery being dealt by our wonder wheels, I thought I’d take a trip to the Lava Reef Zone.

The meat of this was attempting to make a suitable 3D texture with bumpy noise and overlays, starting off with bright, glowing yellows before moving into red hot territory.

The final sees the V shape cut into a rocky plane and the lava placed beneath. Add some cracks and veins in Photoshop, and that’s about it, really. Pretty quick, rather like this post!

AtoZ-INDUSTRIALM-01_3Back to the industrial zone, and with another fortunate letter for such a theme. AtoZ-INDUSTRIALM00_0044a

Above was my first idea; two cranes sporting a very weak handshake, by the looks of it. After that, I shifted to the gantry crane. Made in a couple of hours or so, the model is on the basic side – almost toylike with its simple textures. But it’ll do for this exercise.

There was an attempt to be rather more literal in presenting the M, incorporating diagonal beams, but in the end I thought that was pushing things a bit too far. Something similar might work another time, though:

Fun fun. Less than a week to go, now – how exciting!


Today’s spin compelled me to make reacquaintance with my old high school pal, Piet Mondrian. It’s been years!

The De Stijl movement is characterised by abstraction and simplicity, striving to express a dynamism of geometry and colour in the purest form. There are an awful lot of developments to go with this one, because a De Stijl I was something I found much harder than anticipated – it proved a pudding all too easy to over-egg!

I did briefly consider 3D, playing with cubes as a nod to the architectural transposition of the movement; perhaps that’s something to focus on if it comes up again:

Back to 2D grids:

Much of it is possibly too iterative to qualify for the theme – hence the drastic reduction and almost reverting to the beginning in the final form – but there were some interesting compositions forming along the way.


Sharp again! Y again! Y again indeed. Still though, the third outing with this particular theme afforded me the chance to channel my inner Annie Lennox – working on broken glass.

The distorted Helvetica-esque Y was quickly made in Illustrator and equally speedily transformed into 3D with Cineversity’s handy ArtSmart plugin.

From there, it was just a matter of having fun concocting textures, spreading the shards and trying to set lights effectively. Some of these were a success, at least.

Cheers Annie, as it turned out this wasn’t really a Thorn In My Side at all (and there’s another good one for Sharp, actually). A pretty simple exercise, which meant more time for the good bits.


Could there have been a less appropriate letter for this prompt? Why, that’s all part of the fun, isn’t it? (grits teeth)

I wasn’t overrun with ideas, honestly. Cacti? Wooden stakes to slay vampires? Nah. I ended up bringing things down to simple arrowheads, and really just turned it into a snazzy rhombus, with maximum contrast and specular to really peddle the sharp. “And that’s all I’ve got to say about that”, as Stone Cold Steve Austin might say.

AtoZ-NATURALP0029Can I have a P please, Bob? Obviously I’ve been dying to say that. Natural came with it, so I thought I’d have a go at some happy, flowery, leafy stuff to suit the grey, thundery June weather that waits outdoors.

Most of the leaves and twigs were made by me – as is probably evident, given their quality. The nice-looking roses weren’t; they’re from C4D’s in-built content browser.


Twas about time I started aligning this horticultural hodge-podge with a P shape:


With some hearty render times I ran out of time here, and as such the final form isn’t quite as refined as I would have liked. Who doesn’t like roses, though, so it’s fair enough, I suppose. Halfway there, too!