Twenty-Six Spins 1


Could there have been a less appropriate letter for this prompt? Why, that’s all part of the fun, isn’t it? (grits teeth)

I wasn’t overrun with ideas, honestly. Cacti? Wooden stakes to slay vampires? Nah. I ended up bringing things down to simple arrowheads, and really just turned it into a snazzy rhombus, with maximum contrast and specular to really peddle the sharp. “And that’s all I’ve got to say about that”, as Stone Cold Steve Austin might say.


I say, ’tis rather toasty in here.

This was an eventful spin. There was something else I wanted to do for fiery, but it really wasn’t working, so I abandoned it – and then I saw the time! Panicked, I ended up cobbling this together in just a few minutes.

Initial attempts at something simpler were pitiful, so I did a quick google for flamy references, trying my best to capture them (very quickly) with a scratchy brush. This was followed by essentially dropped colour after colour on top in the hope of something reasonable coming through. It really is those that do all the work here.

Phew! Well, that was exciting wasn’t it? Bloody L. I need another lie-down!


Fluid once more. Moving on from the last watery excursion, I began thinking about bubbles and wanted to try and make some proper ‘bubble writing’. That didn’t pan out, however, and reaching crisis point, I resorted to Illustrator for some vectors, and certain summer confectionery melting in the heat – when your leisurely indulgence turns into a frantic race against the clock. Sounds familiar! I don’t need that kind of pressure – but this is dangerous ground, I fear, so all I shall say is thank goodness for Calippos.

This was just a bit of fun with the pathfinder tool – which somehow I only found recently – but I ended up running with it. I thought it better to substitute the rather dull L with a more cursive (fluid!) character. Its curves and twists made me think of a Twister lolly, which I haven’t had for ages; that’s where today’s colours came from. I originally had the centre path in green, but thought it looked a bit ‘alien gunk’ – or snotty. You’re welcome.

It’s certainly colourful – and fluid! I hope it’s lolly weather wherever you are this Sunday.

AtoZ-NATURALP0029Can I have a P please, Bob? Obviously I’ve been dying to say that. Natural came with it, so I thought I’d have a go at some happy, flowery, leafy stuff to suit the grey, thundery June weather that waits outdoors.

Most of the leaves and twigs were made by me – as is probably evident, given their quality. The nice-looking roses weren’t; they’re from C4D’s in-built content browser.


Twas about time I started aligning this horticultural hodge-podge with a P shape:


With some hearty render times I ran out of time here, and as such the final form isn’t quite as refined as I would have liked. Who doesn’t like roses, though, so it’s fair enough, I suppose. Halfway there, too!


Aaaah! After looking at trees last time Spooky arrived, I thought about what might be lurking on the other side of them. A castle or the remains of an abandoned cathedral, perhaps? Pretty tall it is, either way. I thought about ways of trying to get an A out of such a structure, perhaps playing it straight or trying to use perspective trickery.

Aesthetically I ended up going a bit Batman with this – nothing wrong with that, though, and it probably answers my own question as to what we’re actually looking at. It’s rather a basic model, but hopefully the cold lighting lifts it.

It actually stands atop a large hill, a feature which really went underused in the feature shot. Thank goodness I can upload more than one image, huh:


Until tomorrow! Don’t have nightmares.

AtoZ-YFLUID01How are we not even halfway through yet? Blimey mate, I need a lie-down. To any daily blogger who makes being entertaining look so easy, I doff my cap!

Anyway, we’ll carry on through it all, because we’re a waterfall. This time, I was dealt Y and Fluid. The traditional form took me straight in this direction, and yet another excuse to try some Photoshop animation of a stop-motion ilk. Working swiftly here (or rushing, whichever you’d prefer) did create a softer, more stylistic scene than I’d likely have ended up with otherwise.

The saturated overlay of colour probably contribute to that end aswell, but I’m left pining for the black-and-white, ultimately. Not the finest execution, but there’s a concept there at least. Woo. Now for that lie-down, I think!



We’ve made it to double figures. I’m as surprised as you are – or should that be as shocked as you are, since I got slightly overexcited by the rumble or two of thunder we had last night, and this was the result. I’m not sure lightning is the natural answer here, but it beats stakes, which was my original idea, and I’d say the sensation is pretty sharp!

There was a brief diversion into vector art, once again falling into the retro trap, but I didn’t think that was going to amount to much (rather like last night’s storm). Besides that, it was mostly one way, digital sketching to create some furious clouds and a striking V.

AtoZ-G-NEON2With neon coming up again, I got to thinking about laser beams. Originally I was going to try something out with spotlights, arranging the beams to make the G; quickly, it became clear that this was an idea best left in my head.

With that, I took the opportunity to go green (it was the last light I removed) and swept it across a pretty swift G shape, the beam itself tapering as it follows the spline:

I’m not sure the animated sequence does the letter justice or is even necessary, but it was fun to do.

PrintWe so nearly got a ‘proper’ one there, as the wheel was close to flicking over to the V space. Goodness, that was exciting.

I included voxel – from my understanding, essentially a 3D counterpart to pixel – because I’ve had MagicaVoxel sitting around waiting to be used for some months, and thought this would give me the necessary kick to just make something with it.

Somewhat daunted by the interface and volatile camera, I thought it best to stick to something relatively simple for this first attempt, hence a simple but snaky U form – later supplemented with a maze-esque impression. Fortunately, placing voxels is pretty simple, so it didn’t take too long to complete.

Whilst I can’t personally claim to have been enraptured by MagicaVoxel on first glance, I expect fans of Minecraft and the like will get a lot from it, given time and adequate planning (both of which I forewent). A cursory Google will make its potential obvious. And it’s free!


…and Catchphrase, which appears to be today’s homage. What better inspiration for neon, though?

It’s good, but it’s not right.

It didn’t take long for the wheel to spin me a double – I might have to reconsider the non-existent, non-binding rules should this happen often.

But this was a mega quickie, taking advantage of a small whisp of energy within me at the moment, thanks to these challenges. That’s pretty rad. The past seven days have flown by! I think also the fact that pattern didn’t come up again means a sigh of relief for all concerned.

I really liked the C shape from my latter dalliance with brutalism, and thought it’d be far out to try and mirror that in full eighties neon.

As you can see, I did start to venture into slightly more convoluted territory but thankfully I snuffed that out pretty sharpish. Cool!