Well, is there anything more difficult than the breaking of ice…?

It’s quite ridiculous that I’m racked with nerves when I’m surely talking to absolutely nobody. Well, hopefully it won’t be that way for long, eh. But hello, if there does happen to be any soul stranded out there. My name is Jacob – but you can call me whatever you like, I suppose – and I’m a twenty-three-year old, er… something or other. I’m currently unemployed, for a number of reasons. Designer? Writer? Gardener? Travelling acrobat? Somewhere in between the lot of them, I expect. I don’t know where ‘next’ is, and this kinda worries me; that’s why I’m here, really, and it was the impetus in this blog’s calculated address. Onward we go.

I’m not going to lie to you and say that what you’ll find here is going to be sparkling with culture, intellect and illuminating sentiment. It won’t, and if it goes that way then I’d wager it’s not me but the infiltrated misdoings of my cat, Oscar. I think a big hurdle in the act of navigation is in identifying what – and who – means the most to us, and of course having a platform to express that can’t be bad. That is all this blog promises to be about… which makes sense, really, given who’s writing the thing! 😉

I thank you most sincerely for stopping by. Here goes nothing!

Jay x