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reddit-18-01You go ages without a foray into Reddit Gets Drawn and then you do two in a row. Crazy, I know. Anyway, here’s Paisley, a very pretty cat who appears to know as much going by the pose in this photograph… but then, show me a cat who doesn’t know! Indeed I was struggling to find the motivation to draw anything today, until this adorable little one came along – bang goes my early night, eh Paisley? I’ll let you off ’cause you’re a cat.

For those stopwatch/Wheel of Time Reddit enthusiasts, I did try and go as quickly as I could (though I’d be lying if I said the aforementioned plans for sleep weren’t a big factor in doing as much). This took about an hour and a half in total, which is really rather quick for me.

And so to bed! Or at least when I’ve done my WordPress rounds. Yeesh, no rest for the wicked… I’m just joshing, of course. Where would I be without my bedtime reading?

I expect there to be many vastly more charming drawings of Paisley to come, so be sure to keep a paw on the comment thread.

The cat and the box… what an amusing, curiously perfect pairing.

I particularly love how pleased they invariably look when they find their new home, snubbing all the expensive, luxurious beds and even their owner’s lap for this veritable des-res. I would ask what the appeal is, but I rather like playing in boxes myself – that’s another story, though… Here, my Oscar looks rather protective of his pad as he peers over the top, ready to ward off any potential intruders. I think back to when Oscar was a kitten – he’s seventeen now – he took such a shine to a leftover shoe box that I even decorated it for him, adding a blanket and inscribing ‘Oscar’s bed’ on the side. He insisted on using it even when he’d become far too big for it, and the side collapsed under his hefty weight. Hilarious. He’s always been a comedian.