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Weinachtspyramide1_0076With it being Christmas and everyone going a bit doolally, I’ve taken a step away from the old certainties and haven’t done a Time-Tested today. I’m not sure when I’ll do the next, though sure I am that it won’t be too long; they could well prove a welcome distraction in that awkward between-Christmas-and-New-Year drudge!

I have, however, been building. The other day, dear Charlie O’Shields of doodlewash made a marvellous doodlewash of a Weihnachtspyramide, the whimsical and fascinating festive decoration, and ever since this I’ve been itching to give it a go, so you have Charlie to thank or thump for this post. I’d completely forgotten about them, in truth, but we did have one as a child. I think this is the one we had – if not, it was very similar. I thought they were wonderful, and pestered my mother like crazy for one after our grandparents started flaunting their own.

I didn’t try and copy that – much as I’d have liked to, I’m not overly confident in modelling people, no matter how basic they are. Completing the model was, actually, painless. But very long-winded. Cylinder cylinder cylinder CONE! cylinder. I booled some stars into the parapet wall to give a pleasing cutaway.

I probably should have planned out what to include on the dioramas gracing each level, rather than fudging it as I went along. It is basically the blandest Weihnachtspyramide ever.

On the lowermost stage, we have a train making an endless circular journey around some trees; in the middle we have a living room replete with gifts, tree and a roaring fire; on top we have Father Christmas and his reindeer, presumably about to enter the living room… even though the fire’s on. I didn’t actually make the models for the top floor – I sourced them from here. I did however make and light those candles, which I was dead chuffed with!

As one would expect, the model is animated, so indeed can turn with or without the help of candlelight.

Despite my criticisms, what a tremendously refreshing and fun voyage this was – so much so, that the time just whirled away, as it often did when I found myself transfixed by these wondrous contraptions. And again, a hearteningly steady process.

It’s even made me feel a tiny bit festive!