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This is for Joe.

Here’s Dr. Ivo Robotnik (as opposed to Dr. Eggman, who can leave immediately). I loved the Sonic games growing up, particularly the boss battles that formed the ending of each level; some of the contraptions Robotnik created all to thwart a pesky blue hedgehog were quite a sight to behold. This one, from the finale of Sonic 3, was one of the most terrifying that I can recall, with Robotnik, seemingly defeated, dropping down the background in this monstrous machine, then swooping in from nowhere to grab you with those ginormous hands.

It’s amusing how trivial many of the clashes now seem, what with having played them a million times, but that fantastic boss music ever instills a tingle of panic, just as it did when I was a nipper!

I painted this entirely in Photoshop, attempting to add a little more definition than its pixel counterpart. I feel the metallic texture is poor and needs some sharpening up. If feeling particularly bullish, I might even look at recreating it in 3D at some point.


I thought that, with some text, it could make a pretty attractive poster. I turned straight to a custom typeface, cut a couple of months ago for something else. It has shades of Constructivist authority within it, while also having the uncertainty and rickety vulnerability of an outrageous villain. It’s, therefore, pleasingly evocative of Dr. Robotnik’s character.

robotnik-4Here’s the finished item… for now. I will return to this; as I say, some areas need improving before I print it out.