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scaryspice-2As I’m sure has become clear, this blog has morphed into one big nostalgia trip. In the pursuit of completion, we can’t really go without giving The Spice Girls a mention, especially as it’s now twenty years since Wannabe was released and GIRLLLL POWWWER! became a thing.

Yo I’ll tell ya what I want what I really really want / SO TELL ME WHAT YA WANT WHAT YA REALLY REALLY WANT!

Twenty years – how can it be? This makes me feel old. I was four at the time and found the song inexplicably wonderful – well, perhaps in hindsight it could be explained! – and also quite hilarious. I danced to it and knew all the words, much to my grandparents’ horror; indeed, summer car journeys were a whole new level of testing with my sisters and I singing this on a loop. Well, at least it wasn’t Oasis. As for my favourite, it was always a toss-up between Scary and Baby Spice, though to be honest I think I just found Scary’s big hair amusing, such was (still is) the simplicity of my mind. It was that which convinced me to draw her, and accidentally make Mel B look not so much ‘Scary’ as ‘Ruddy Terrifying’. It was fun to be so liberal with bold colours, though.

I confess that, on revisiting Spice Girls tracks as research for this blog post, I actually knew the complete lyrics to almost every find. I knew I loved this song, but had no idea I was quite so obsessed. It’s amazing how much the tracks of our youth stick in the mind. Alas, as times change, so do tastes; I’d like to think that this brief return was more than enough to keep me going for the next couple of decades.