Mr. Robots

Friendly or calculating? Maybe both? You decide.

I was looking at drawing some faces in pixel, something I’ve struggled with in the past. Then I started looking at pixel art of robots, androids and this spilled into browsing – and wanting – several of those vintage wind-up robot toys you often see popping up in stores around this time of year. This was my attempt at combining all of the elements, and what fun it was, actually, much more so than vanilla portraits would have been and have been in the past. I started with the bottom-right, mostly based on the reference, and used him as a template for the other three. Admittedly I did try to make them look reasonably non-threatening, but it’s probably advisable not to run into any of them in a dark room, whatever their disposition.

I can’t help but wonder if, in an alternate universe, it’s these chaps who are doing the dishes, taking care of those suspicious stains and making sure the jetpack is fully charged – the helpful companions we were meant to have had for decades by now, you know? But I suppose that’s just a less photogenic version of Humans. And we all know how that ended. Well, actually, I don’t. I only watched the first series. And, if they are truly calculating, maybe the States could’ve done with a few of these bots over the last few days…  amirite, folks? Phew! It’s been an exhausting week, a nail-biting week, but what a week. The sights of people dancing in the streets say it all. I know this is only the start, and there’s an awful lot of work to be done, but I’m happy and hopeful for America and all of my friends there.

    • Jacob said:

      Absolutely, but you’re back on track and we are cheering you on 🙂

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  1. As a child I had a toy robot which looked innocent enough as it walked along the floor, and then it’s chest would open up and red laser guns would pop out and flash.

    Not sure if that influenced me or not but a few years later I had to escape the local library as they were “computerising” the library card system. I had to swap my normal little card for one with a barcode and it was all a bit much for a 9-year old who had picked that very time to visit the library on his own.

    Maybe that’s why I started out with programming as soon as I heard about what a computer actually was. No way would I let War Games happen for real !! Several decades on and I’ve long since accepted that computers can program themselves better than mere humans.

    They won’t get as creative as a Jacobdroid 2000 though hopefully….

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    • Jacob said:

      You had a robot with pop-out laser guns. I had a Furby, who’d wake up randomly (usually when it was dark, for maximum fear factor I’m sure) shouting with eyes opening and closing. I wonder which is worse? Probably the robot, as I can’t remember the Furby affecting me in such a way – poor little Steve – but what a story.

      Haha! Well thanks, I think. So I’m a droid now? If I could only comprehend human emotion, I’d be swooning all over the place for your charm 😉 ❤

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