Having done a few pure pixel pictures lately, I ventured into three dimensions to look at transferring objects into the pixel realm; reducing resolutions, avoiding anti-aliasing and trying to create as authentic a visual as I can.

Cheating, essentially.

I began playing with some simple shapes and animations, limiting colour.


Happy results, and certainly a time saver for designs like those above and below.


And, having played around with hexagons, it was time for the obligatory detour to Blockbusters, which then spilled into other game shows for good measure. After all, what do pixels make?

Blockbusters is set to return on Comedy Central (yes, seriously) at some point this year. By my count, this will be the fifth time since the golden Bob era that this format has been dredged back up. Will it take off this time, I wonder? You have to admire the perseverance.

While there’s nothing especially ground-breaking here, it’s nice to have it confirmed that pixel art doesn’t have to be restricted to just Photoshop painting; the 3D alternative for reference is equally effective, and a handy cheat. Cheating is good when it saves you time!

    • Jacob said:

      Thanks, Sharon. Just a bit of fun really, didn’t know where it would lead!

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  1. Okay… I can’t stop looking at these animations… what subliminal message have you managed to bury there?? hehe Love them! Mesmerizing!! 😍

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    • Jacob said:

      Haha, thanks Charlie. Now this just seems like a missed opportunity! 😉 Clearly, I should have hidden “GET A ZONKEY” in there somewhere.

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks, Steve. I’m chuffed that work has forced me to explore these areas.

      I think we had Bullseye on the Spectrum – you could use the light gun peripheral with it. It was so bad!


      • Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about that. Kempston joystick was my weapon of choice.

        You’ll have to get the Sinclair bogroll printer and frame these 🐱

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