Having done a few pure pixel pictures lately, I ventured into three dimensions to look at transferring objects into the pixel realm; reducing resolutions, avoiding anti-aliasing and trying to create as authentic a visual as I can.

Cheating, essentially.

I began playing with some simple shapes and animations, limiting colour.


Happy results, and certainly a time saver for designs like those above and below.


And, having played around with hexagons, it was time for the obligatory detour to Blockbusters, which then spilled into other game shows for good measure. After all, what do pixels make?

Blockbusters is set to return on Comedy Central (yes, seriously) at some point this year. By my count, this will be the fifth time since the golden Bob era that this format has been dredged back up. Will it take off this time, I wonder? You have to admire the perseverance.

While there’s nothing especially ground-breaking here, it’s nice to have it confirmed that pixel art doesn’t have to be restricted to just Photoshop painting; the 3D alternative for reference is equally effective, and a handy cheat. Cheating is good when it saves you time!

    • Jacob said:

      Thanks, Sharon. Just a bit of fun really, didn’t know where it would lead!

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  1. Okay… I can’t stop looking at these animations… what subliminal message have you managed to bury there?? hehe Love them! Mesmerizing!! 😍

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    • Jacob said:

      Haha, thanks Charlie. Now this just seems like a missed opportunity! 😉 Clearly, I should have hidden “GET A ZONKEY” in there somewhere.

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks, Steve. I’m chuffed that work has forced me to explore these areas.

      I think we had Bullseye on the Spectrum – you could use the light gun peripheral with it. It was so bad!


      • Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about that. Kempston joystick was my weapon of choice.

        You’ll have to get the Sinclair bogroll printer and frame these 🐱

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    • Jacob said:

      Haha – well, hopefully you’re not still dizzy, Kerfe – unless this has brought you back to the post, I guess 😛

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      • memadtwo said:

        We need some dizziness in our lives!

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  2. Vlad said:

    I recently discovered this blog and am amazed by the art displayed.
    Your WWTBAM 3D studio model is remarkable to see the progression of, which I found in a forum post. You restarted the project and kept improving it. That is some true dedication!
    Would it be possible to use the WWTABM model for a student project? We want to make an interactive video for exam preparation in economics for younger semesters, with out Professor being the host. Using the a model of such a caliber would be an honor.

    Comments on older posts seem to not work o.O

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    • Jacob said:

      Hi Vlad,

      Ah, it seems your previous comments were intercepted by the spam filter, which I haven’t been checking recently. Apologies for that.

      Thanks for your lovely comments. I’m afraid the model is not for distribution – even if it were, it would require significant optimisation and I just don’t have the time for that right now. Sorry about that – I hope you find something elsewhere.


      • Vlad said:

        I would love to continue the talk via E-Mail as you suggested. In this post is my work mail, where I’m most active. See you there.

        For a moment I thought my browser was bugged. Then I noticed you can’t answer a reply to a reply. So I reply here ^^ This makes it now the most disorganized thread of conversation I ever had. That’s a great omen. A comment section like a painter’s room – Full of disorder and filled with opportunity.


  3. Vlad said:

    Ahh no problem.
    I work in 3dsMax and Corona as the renderer and would have to retexture and do new materials to everything anyways.
    How about a collab maybe?

    Maybe in exchange for just the geometry of a .obj export (or just the C4D file) I’ll provide back a neatly organized archive of textures as to how I built my scene up (self-painted or if pulled from public sources properly honoring licences of course, not just pulled from google). The 2019 scene as you have it still has simple materials in the last blog post. Whilst it’s not possible to cleanly translate materials from Max+Corona to C4D, I could still provide a base to build off from. All of this would happen within a month, so I’m not gonna slack off to the end of the year ;]
    Your artistic eye and restart of the project resulted in the most true to life layout, size and feel of the studio I have seen on the net. I myself have VFX experience, but am very weak in modeling, which is why I’ll never be able to pull off such a good layout.


    • Vlad said:

      ugh, thanks wordpress for not continuing the thread and making a new comment because of a page refresh =.=


      • Jacob said:

        Haha, I’m sorry this site seems to have such a harsh grudge against you! I’ll e-mail you and talk a bit more about this there – I assume the address you’ve used here is good?


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