Time-Tested: 150


Jeepers! Someone’s ready for trick or treats a week early!

Another Saturday, another spin of the wheel – this time around, it gifted me 150 MINUTES to work with a volunteer of Reddit Gets Drawn. I was initially a little indifferent about this; it’s really the smaller times I’m looking forward to more now, which, I grant you, is quite a departure from when I constructed the wheel and was pining for as long as possible with each spin. But still, we must respect the wheel, and the choices it makes through no volition of its own. Who knows, I might go into it all complacent and PAY FOR IT. WHAT DRAMA AND SUSPENSE THIS CONCEPT OFFERS.

With almost three hours feeling positively pedestrian to me now (at least on Saturdays), I decided to go for a full body portrait, and this adorable photograph leapt out at me for pretty obvious reasons. I don’t think I’ve sketched a child for a very long time, certainly not for a couple of years at least. Infants are quite a different kettle of fish to adults, and it can be easy, if not going carefully enough, to turn a fresh-faced kid into a shrunken, haggard grown-up. With that peril in mind, I spent more than half the time doing and redoing the child proportions – thankfully the costume was a bit of a safety net here, but not much – and working on the face. After a little while looking quite a way off, I managed to coax the childlike smile out of the subject. Thank goodness I had all that time to get it right!

With the longer time, this also allowed me to use colour, which I haven’t been able to do for a while in these tests. Again, I’m pleased that could be so – you couldn’t really forego it here, could you?

That’s the scary ticking clock out of the way for another week! Seeing this cute shot rather makes me regret never giving much of a hoot about Halloween as a child… I want a costume! (huffs) Well, actually, there was one: a friend’s party shortly after the event circa 1998, where I dressed as the devil and was plastered in glittery make-up, but I won’t be drawing that any time soon.

  1. This is awesome Jacob!! So cute and wonderful detail. Nicely done friend. 😃And you want a costume now?! I think you’d look adorable in one like this. You should give it a go! 😉👍🏻

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    • Jacob said:

      So cute, isn’t she – thanks Charlie, both for liking the art and for the string of obviously sincere compliments there! I can’t help but agree – I would look quite adorable, even more than usual. I wouldn’t want to steal her limelight, though 😉

      Liked by 2 people

      • Jacob said:

        …..You know what, I think you’d suit it better 😉 Besides, I’m actually already kitted out; I’m quizzed most days on my Halloween mask.

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  2. Geke Hop-Wassink said:

    WOW what an amazing drawing, so cute and alive like it’s jumping of the screen every minute now. The child is adorable and the costume is great, everyone would look cute in it, even me 😉 Thank you for a smile on this Saterday ❤


    • Jacob said:

      Glad it made you smile, Geke – the photograph did the same to me, so I had to have a go at drawing it. Thanks so much, as ever!

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  3. How dear Jacob, I think you need to draw more kids!


    • Jacob said:

      Ha! Thanks Sharon – it’s certainly an idea. Watch this space! It was so fun to try and capture the happiness of this adorable little girl.

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  4. ged said:

    Greetings from Italy! Thank you very much for your “like” on my “Dove”, on my art blog dispenza.wordpress.com. Please allow me to send best wishes for your very interesting art activity. Have a lovely week.


    • Jacob said:

      Ah, well that’s certainly very kind of you – many thanks, Ged! I return my best wishes to you, and look forward to more of your work.

      Liked by 1 person

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks again! I really enjoy rendering texture like fur (at least when it goes right) – I find it quite therapeutic. Having the time limit for this piece helped, as it ensured I stayed focused and didn’t dawdle.

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