Huts on the Beach

beach1_0002Tuesday was a scorcher here on the coast, with temperatures coming it at just over twenty degrees. I don’t know how on earth we’re expected to cope with such inferno; indeed, I didn’t fare that well, and after initial joy was willing a breeze to swoop in. In fact, I still feel as though I’m browning as I write this in the early hours of the morning. All this being said, opening windows felt good and some brightness was very welcome.

The persistent sun took me to the beach – well, in terms of inspiration, anyway. After a number of failed drawings, I thought it’d be easier to draw a beach hut. Then that failed, and I thought it easier to model one. And it came out – well, far better than the drawings! You’ll see these charming little shelters standing out vividly at many Norfolk beaches – elsewhere too, I daresay! – offering a place to change, or just seek refuge from unremitting heat. Perhaps I need one.

The joy of digital modelling means simple duplication and re-texturing, making those rows of colour easy to achieve.

beach1_0006Hmm! Spoilt for choice. I think I’ll take the mint green – even if there is an outside chance of neighbouring Mr Blobby. It’s a risk I’m going to have to take.

    • Jacob said:

      Thanks ever so much, Cindy! Yes, these little huts always cheer me up with their colour, whatever the weather!


  1. z03luca said:

    Amazing! I will take the blue with white, I love the most…
    Jacob, I think we will neighbours 🙂

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    • Jacob said:

      Thanks, Camilla. Excellent choice! And yay to being neighbours – at least I wouldn’t mind when you’re playing music so loud 😉


      • z03luca said:

        I’m a very quiet person. Only My Baby sometimes cry …

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  2. Bill Fufkin said:

    What a delight! I will have the aqua-yellow one if you please. B

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    • Jacob said:

      It’s yours – blimey, they’re going fast! Cheers Bill.


  3. Pardon my late commenting! This post got buried under a bazillion others in my newsfeed!
    hehe, i had a good ( and predictable, sorry) Australian giggle at your description of 20 degrees celcius as “a scorcher” 😉 For me it’s almost the ideal temperature ( well, maybe 2 degrees over)! Never come to Aus during the summertime! I feel as though i’m dying in the 30-40 ( and plus :/) temperatures, so i can only imagine how hellish they’d be for you! That being said, i probably wouldn’t last long over in your part of the world during winter! ( although i’d love to give that a go; snow is pretty, and you can wear lovely warm coats and 10 layers).

    Anyway, on to the drawing critique 😉 Excellent as always. I avoid the beach at all costs, but i love those little huts! I want to camp in the pink and yellow one 🙂 ( provided there are no big crowds at that beach). It really does look very realistic, and i will keep at you to create a video game 😉

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    • Jacob said:

      Don’t worry about it!

      Yeah, I realised that, when I suggested me moving to Aus, I’d overlooked the 4000c winters and such. Eep! I’d say that around 18-20c is my ideal temperature, with some breeze. Comfortable. The highest it gets around here is probably 25-30, with some very rare tips into the low thirties. Everybody else seems to love it, but I can’t cope at all!

      I love the winters for that reason! Especially in the run up to Christmas (at least, in those ever so brief moments where you’re not crippled with Chri$tmas stress and free to relax). It’s lovely to huddle up in a big coat, the crunch of snow beneath your feet – sadly, recent winters just haven’t been cold enough for much of that. I can’t remember the last time I wore my scarf and gloves!

      Glad you like them! They were a lot of fun to make. The pink one is yours, and well, it certainly doesn’t look too busy a beach. Jackpot! 😉

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      • Yep, i don’t fare well in hot weather, either. The area that i’ve moved to is up in the hills, so is cooler than where i was, but we still had some scorchers during summer :/ I acclimatise to cold weather in a way that i just can’t for hot weather.

        Ooh, that sounds lovely. I hope you get a proper winter when it arrives! It snows up in these parts, which sounds a bit exciting, but also fills me with alarm, as i realise i’ll need to aqcuire some serious coats and jackets, pronto!

        A quiet beach is my kinda beach! With a pink and yellow hut to shelter in when need be. Yay!

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      • Jacob said:

        Indeed, while winter is tolerable, it is hard for those who prefer milder weather to cope when it gets too hot. There are only so many layers one can remove, after all; I wouldn’t want to get into trouble, or horrify the neighbours!

        Exciting indeed. Get some coats, then the snowball fights/snowmen await! 😉


  4. itsmyhusbandandme said:

    I’m catching up. These are beautiful.

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      • itsmyhusbandandme said:

        Lovely and colourful

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